Long Weekend Recap

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekends, we sure have even though the it rained (and snowed!) Saturday.


I had the day off work to prep and have our garage sale. The day started off with a craft (for Father’s Day) and a sink bath. Of course Avery did not want to leave the sink so that turned into a 30 minute activity itself.



My Mom, Avery and I spent the rest of the day getting everything ready and had the garage sale set up late afternoon. Avery loved running around the yard checking everything out.


We called it quits around 8:30pm and of course still had people show up after.


We woke up to rain and the forecast looked like it would rain all day so we postponed the garage sale day 2 until Sunday. We spent the morning going to the market (and getting really wet) and running errands.

In the afternoon I went with my Mom to get all our garden plants and flowers and am hoping to plant them all today. We spent the rest of the rainy afternoon hanging out at home staying dry.


PS Out of 100 photos taken this day there are maybe 5 not blurry ones!

Chad and I had a movie gift card that was about to expire so decided to go to see the new Avengers movie. We had my Mom over for supper then she stayed with Avery while we went to the movie. Thanks Mom! The theatre was SO busy, I spent 30 minutes in line for popcorn! The movie was good, but nothing special. Once I got home I made up new garage sale signs and then went to bed for my early wake up call…


So I kind of forgot this in my Friday post but I had a race yesterday! It was my first official 10km race. I have ran 10km fun runs but that is all. I was up at 6am to get ready and leave by 7am since the race started at 7:45am.

I took no pre-race photos, no race photos and nothing after – HA, great blogger, right? And since I will do a race recap Wednesday I will leave race happenings until then, maybe they will have photos by then so I can get one up.

After the race we headed home where my Mom was already setting up the garage sale. The rest of the day was spent doing just that. Avery did so good all day but was really tired and had a 2 hour morning nap and 90 minutes in the afternoon.

My view all afternoon:


She was so amazed by the ladybug she found:


She kept running around the yard yelling “buggy”. Too funny.

She is also currently obsessed with money, and loved “counting” it all afterwards.


We have started giving her quarters for her owl bank for helping us with chores, which is too fun to watch her be so excited that not only can she help us but also get money for it. The plan is to create a goal chart so she can see her saving progress. I know we are THOSE parents, for now.

Nothing else to report for the day/weekend, between the race, garage sale and normal weekend happenings we kept busy. Today, my plan is to plant my garden and flowers since it is supposed to be nice out. Here is what I will be planting, after photos to come!



How was your weekend?

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