Lots of Good Food

Can this post be about all the great food we’ve had in the last 2 days?

Yes? Let’s start on Friday night, our friend’s had us for supper. Eating at their place is always a treat as they are awesome cooks, its just too bad I could not have wine with them all.

Supper was roasted chicken, gravy, wild rice with turmeric, and broccoli in a French cheese sauce.

IMG_20130531_205917 - Copy

Sorry for the blurry photo, but had to share it was soo good!

Saturday morning we headed to the Market where we tried a new food truck, Take It And Go. Umm, Red Deer people try this truck!! I have had a few disappointments with another food truck in town so was happy to see a new one. Their prices were really good, and the food was awesome. We tried their loaded hashbrowns and I am already looking forward to trying the french toast balls next week.

We ran errands, did yard work and relaxed the rest of the day until supper time. Then it was time for more food. It was Chad’s Mom’s birthday on Friday so we took them out for supper. We decided to go to a newer Greek restaurant in town, Amphora. I love Greek food so was pretty excited.  Of course we had to have calamari to start, then I had the chicken souvlaki wrap for my entree.


HUGE portions! I finished the wrap and most of the salad and nibbled on everything else. I would recommend this place for sure. Two new wins Smile

We were both beat so decided to call it a movie night and rented (yes, we still rent movies) Zero Dark Thirty. I, of course, fell alseep. But from I did see and what Chad said we both thought it was confusing and not really what we thought it’d be like. But a eye opener for sure.

Onto today… weekend recaps are always so long.

A gym trip, which reminded me I never ran last week at all… I have a goal to keep running for another month since I have a 5km run at the end of this month. A brunch Chad picked out, Lighter Strawberry Waffles from Expresso and Cream:


Another win, easy to make and the baked strawberries in the waffles were delicious.

Since the weather was not looking great for the day we decided to go and rent a carpet cleaner and finally clean all our carpets – we have never done it and our house if 6 years old – eek. Chad did 95% of the work. I just helped move things, with the assistance of EZ-Moves – best invention ever, and then put rooms back together. I also made some energy date balls. I love how quick and easy these are to make, and no oven needed. Today I tossed almonds, dates, coconut, chia seeds, dark chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon into the food processor and before I knew it I had this:

2013-06-02 13.41.52

Then all you do is form them into balls and keep them in the fridge.

2013-06-02 13.51.20

Such a great snack to have ready.

Chad is still working on the carpets so I should probably put away laundry before starting supper.


What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

10 thoughts on “Lots of Good Food

  1. thebexfactor

    I want to try that Greek place. Layne just asked me the other day if It's All Greek To Me is any good. Uh, ya! It's one of my favorites!!!

    I just heard that Kelsey's AND Applebee's are closed. I really hope we get some good new restaurants in there. Good riddance to those two!

    I read your tweet about how good that food truck was as I was eating my sausage and perogies from the market. I really want to try it out now.

    1. arunningtale

      I have a funny story about Its All Greek To Me, we went there about 10 years ago and had horrible service so we left and they tried to make us pay $20 for just sitting down so Chad refuses to ever go back. I love it and have been back so am happy we can go to the new place (you know Nazim owns it right?).
      I know Kelsey's was awhile ago and Applebees shut down quite a few across Canada. I agree! There is that new one opening downtown too.
      haha, try it next week. I almost went back for another order of the hashbrowns, hopefully they keep up the good food!

      1. thebexfactor

        Nazim owns the new one? That’s awesome! I didn’t know that. I had a birthday dinner at It’s All Greek a couple years ago and they treated us SO good.  Becky <a href="http://www.thebexfactor.comwww.thebexfactor.com<br /> <a href="http://www.facebook.com/thebexfactorwww.facebook.com/thebexfactor<br /> <a href="http://www.twitter.com/beckyainsleywww.twitter.com/beckyainsley<br /> <a href="http://www.instagram.com/thebexfactorwww.instagram.com/thebexfactor<br />

        1. arunningtale

          Yup and the Chef and Mgr is the old owner of Its All Greek To Me. Oh me too, we went there last year for my bday (without Chad) and loved it! It was a bad night and probably more the server than anything when we had the issue and Chad is still being stubborn about it. lol.

  2. Nicole

    I'm starving so this post is making my stomach growl! I bought dates so I am going to try them in energy balls. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! They stick together ok? Doesn't seem like a lot of liquid in there but your balls don't look like they are falling apart like mine usually are!

    I love Greek food too! J makes a killer Greek salad- he buys olives and feta from a Greek deli downtown. Yum!

    1. arunningtale

      They do, if not just add more dates and process them again. They seem crumbly at first but easily make balls. I am sure you could also press them into a pan and make bars. Nope only liquid is a splash of vanilla. Let me know who you make out.
      Yum. Greek food might be my favorite right now.


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