Mama Talk: Toddler Favourites

Since we have passed the 18 month mark (so crazy!) I thought I would recap some of our current “toddler favourites” as of recent.

1 – Live Clean Kids. We got this last month in the mail and Avery was instantly excited, she quickly become obsessed with the body and hair wash. She still asks for it in the bath over other stuff!


This new line includes Tropical Body + Hair Wash, Tropical Foaming Hand Wash, Mixed Berry Body + Hair Wash and Mixed Berry Hand Wash. Everything about this line is extra gentle for kids with no harsh cleaning agents, additives or preservatives. They are milk and tear free. They even think about the containers for kids, and made the body + hair washes in easy-grip bottles for kid’s small hands.

2 – Doll Stroller. Avery is turning into quite the little girl and LOVES this stroller. For months if we went to a store with one out she would play and play with it, but at $40 we were not willing to buy one for her. Then we found this one online for half the price. It is easily one of her favs, and since she rarely plays with toys that says a lot.

Also, I swear she likes it, she was just not in the picture mood Winking smile


3 – Ergo. This is more of a Mom favourite. I bought this a couple months ago for a great deal ($60 brand new) and love it. I love my BOB stroller but some places are just not meant for strollers so I prefer to carry Avery. I also think it will be great in Hawaii since we won’t be bringing the stroller.


Avery does pretty good in it for a good hour but then she wants out to run free Winking smile And getting a photo with us using it? Hard.

4 – Duck washcloth. My Mom bought this for Avery at Easter and she is obsessed. Like the soap she will ask for it to be used a bath time often!

5 – Micro Mini-2-Go Scooter. We JUST bought this and I know it will be used a lot this summer. Avery has started to love bikes lately and we checked out a few options but her little legs were too short for any bike or tricycle. So when we saw this at Mastermind Toys, despite the price, we knew it would be a great option. And for future years it converts into a scooter so can still be used for a few years!


6 – Badger Sunscreen. It is that time of the year where we need to lather sunscreen on the little ones. Last year I did a ton of research on what is the best/safe to use on them and came across this brand. I have yet to read a bad review on it and it has worked to protect Avery’s skin for a year now.


7 – This penguin. He was part of a last ditch and desperate mission to get Avery to like bath time again. Well, the $5 was well spent since he is pretty much the sole reason she will take a bath again. See I even get smiles now:



Let me know your current favs!

One thought on “Mama Talk: Toddler Favourites

  1. Becky @ TheBexFactor

    Ok I'm just catching up on your blog reading because it stopped showing up in my feedly for some reason!!

    I'm still looking for that Live Clean Kids in stores. Haven't seen it yet at Superstore and I refuse to go to Walmart (whch usually has more of the Live Clean stuff).


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