Marathon Training Update

I promised myself I would do a half way update and well that has come and gone! I think we are just over 6 weeks until race day and 10 weeks into training – where has time gone?!

And I thought this was a cold run – HA.

My thoughts are pretty random but I will try to keep them somewhat organized here. I feel like since running my last full marathon (May 2011) I have learned a lot about myself as a runner.  This has helped me a ton this time around! Which leads me to thought number one…

1- I don’t hate training! Running for me is limited to three days a week 90% of the time which is what my training is based on. This allows me to enjoys my runs and recover from them. I cross-train (spin at My Revolution) two days a week to work on my cardio and leg strength while keeping it low impact.

2- I am really focusing on my nutrition during runs. I had pre-run fueling down but never thought much about the during part. Once my runs hit over 20km I researched out the requirements and realized we were under fueling by A LOT. Over a few weeks we used our favourite fuels (Clif Shot Bloks and sport beans) and got up to the recommendations. Not only did this help us during our runs but has made a huge difference in after.  We also drink an electrolyte drink and sip water every 15-20 minutes while running.

3 – Winter training has it perks…and downfalls. I like our family leisure time in the summer months so never want to give up 3 plus hours on a Sunday to train during that time but winter training for us has meant a lot of treadmill kms! A huge part of this is us both training and not wanting to run with a stroller for anything over 20km in the snow. 30km on the treadmill has taught me mental strength and also allows me to control my speed – so overall I am not minding a lot of treadmill time right now.

4 – Marathon training with a spouse and kids requires a lot of planning and scheduling! Not going to lie it is our lives right now. I spent 3 lunch hours working out to save evenings for when Chad runs and I run – on alternating days. On long run days (Sundays) he is off to the gym early, then I start one hour before he is home while Chloe has an hour long morning nap. So far all has gone according to plan with this!

5 – I decided to go “all in”. It was just before Christmas when I realized I was not giving my runs my all and I reminded myself that for the amount of work and time that goes into marathon training this was crazy. At that point I threw out the goal to beat my previous time (3:51) and have set a new goal – sorry not sharing yet! One downside to this is that Chad and I might not stay together as he wants to take it a tad easier.

So there it is. I will say that so far overall marathon training has been good and has not scared me away from more marathons in the future. But ask me again after race day and that might change!


8 thoughts on “Marathon Training Update

  1. Kelly

    Did you post your training schedule earlier? I'm going to look for it. Glad it's working for you to train for the marathon with only 3 days running a week. That is what I usually do too and wasn't sure if it would feel like enough for the marathon (IF I end up trying to do one later this year).

    1. arunningtale

      I did – let me know if you do not find it 🙂 I think as long as I have the two cross train days too I am good. Running more than 3 days wears me out – esp for 3-4 months!

  2. Amber

    You are rocking the training. I am sooo impressed you're training for a marathon during the cold winter months. And 30km on a treadmill? WOW. I remember when my coworker at my old job in Kamloops trained for a marathon with 2 young kids, she did pretty much all of her runs at lunch!! I am anxious to get back into running but my pelvis still doesn't feel 100% recovered from labour and delivery so I'm sticking to strength workouts and yoga for now, but hoping to maybe hit up a few spin classes in the coming weeks!

    1. arunningtale

      Thanks Amber! Using lunch hours is key for sure! I wish I could do more morning runs, but running at 5am is not for me!
      That is a good idea and I am sure you will be back running in no time!


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