May Long Recap

I would like to say the long weekend went by in a blink of an eye but it really did not! We had great weather, spent lots of time with family and just having fun in general!


I had some friends over for a BBQ, despite the wind we had a great evening!


Avery and I watched some of the Royal wedding once we were up:

She might have liked it more than me!

We did our usual errands, then came home for chores – the windy weather made this more bearable – before heading to our nephew’s first birthday party!

Later on we decided to take advantage of the windy weather and go fly a kite! The girls loved it and both did great with the kite – much better than me!


I had a 15km long run to do and convinced the family to join me 😉 We ran a different route than usual due to a big race happening, but it was nice to switch things up!

Our big to -do’s for the day was going to get out garden plants, plant the garden and cover in under the deck. After an afternoon in the sun and yard we were done!

Avery, my Mom and I went to the greenhouse:


We did some backyard canvas painting:

My brother and his fiancee came over later for a visit and stayed for supper as well.

I have a feeling this might be a really fun summer with these two!

We had a quiet evening in the house after being outside all day!


We spent the morning at a park and went for a little walk to see the horses they have there as well.

The girls had the park to themselves and loved it!

On our way home we stopped for donuts (long weekend treats!):

Then a picnic lunch:

During nap time I went for a 7km run the spent time reading my book – finally, I have been slacking with reading.

Then more backyard time followed by another BBQ and fire for s’mores – a must do on a summer long weekend!


What did you do this long weekend?

2 thoughts on “May Long Recap

  1. Kelly

    What a fun weekend! Our long weekend is this next one – I'm running a 10-mile race (which I'm not sure I'm ready for!) but otherwise just want to relax & have fun outside with the kids.


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