Melissa’s Road Race Recap

A promise, is a promise right?! So here is my recap of the 2011 Melissa’s Road Race. After thinking about how to recap the race I decided to start by giving the race an overall grade – a “B-“. Maybe it is the fact that we just ran Disneyland a few weeks ago but after all the hype around this race I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be.


Friday night after supper we picked up our race package, at first I was thinking it was going to be a gong show considering the package pick up was upstairs in a very small and crowded lounge area BUT it wasn’t, it went quickly and smoothly.

Race morning was fairly relaxing, after having my usual pre-race breakfast (PB banana toast) we hopped on a bus to go to the race start. But first a few pre-race photos:

Us pre-race

And one with the girls 🙂

Girls pre race

Once at the race start we picked up our t-shirts:

Melissas tshirt

Which were kind of a disappointment for me to be honest, plain cotton is not my thing… Not to mention the small was huge on me.

The Race:

The race start was self seeded so Chad and I decided to seed ourselves in with the 1:50 pace bunny. Being September in Banff you never know what the weather will be like but this weekend was amazing weather – 25 degrees, if not hotter! But this is also not ideal for running a half marathon in especially when the two of the six water stations are non existent.

I have never ran a race without my fuel belt and water but this time around I figured the six stations would be more than enough and decided to leave it at home – and so did Chad. We had decided that we would grab water and take our GU’s at the third water station (around the 7km mark) – but then 7 km came and no water station, 8km, 9km, 10km no water – finally at 10.5km we hit a water station but at this point we were fairly dehydrated since it was quite warm out. The next 6km was without water again since the route did the one loop twice. This wasn’t too bad for me, but poor Chad was getting tired and dehydrated. Just after 16km when we hit the water station again they had ran out of cups! So everyone had to drink from one pitcher – I passed on this one 😉

Because of the heat, lack of water and elevation (3500 feet higher than we are used to) the next 2km from 16-18km was fairly hard on Chad and at 18km he gave me the go ahead to go on without him. I really hated doing this for a few reasons, one I wanted us to finish together and two I was worried about him not feeling great, but I decided to go ahead anyways.

At 19km the route hit a nice hill, and I made the decision that I would run the entire hill since it wasn’t too steep and I was so close to the finish. I ran up the hill and was pretty happy to see a water station at the top. Coming into the finish line it was awesome to see my friends cheering me on from the sidelines and I gave it my all, sprinting across at 1:49:35. Not a PR but darn close 😉

Post Race:

I stopped after the finish line to wait for Chad with water, since I knew he would need it! I also decided that I would give him six minutes and if I didn’t see him I was going to look for him – crazy wife I know 😉 At 1:53 I spotted him and had the water ready, he finished strong and I could not have been more proud of him!

Of course after he guzzled two bottles of water we headed straight for the food! The line up was fairly long for food and we were given an orange, apple, banana, Nutri-Grain bar, a yogurt, a doughnut and a juice box. Not the best post race food, for me at least. I passed on the doughnut, yogurt and Nutri-Grain bar, but I did eat my banana and apple right away. We were also given a ticket for a free beer – maybe a cool perk for some people but again not for me. 

After eating our snacks, relaxing on the grass and enjoying the weather & live music we decided to make the trek to where else but Starbucks 🙂 My favourite post race treat! We then missed the bus back to our hotel and had to make the long and hilly walk back to our condo, which I (kinda) liked to stretch out my legs – but don’t tell the others that 😉

The rest of the day/night was spent eating, showering (one shower for 7 people takes a while), playing with the babe, eating more and hot tubing – all perfect post race activities!

I am not 100% sure I will run this race again – I love being in Banff this time of the year and that alone might be enough to convince me to go back again!


What do you most look forward to in races, the expo (if there is one), the route, the food, entertainment or something else?

I always like an exciting route but the food is right up there too Winking smile


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