Mom and Avery Month 2

Lets start with Avery. Her one month stats as of January 10th:

two months edited


She smiles!!

Weight: 9lbs 3oz – up from 8lbs 11oz from our Dr .appointment on December 30th. She was in the 5th percentile, such a peanut! But being that she was born in the 10th percentile and I am not big myself the Dr has zero concerns with it.

Length: 22.5” (about, hard to get a length with a wiggly girl!)

She has developed such a little personality these past couple of weeks. She laughs, coos and smiles daily now and we love every minute of it.  She can be feisty for sure, and will let us know when she is hungry, over tired or needs a diaper change. She also has the pouty lip 100% down. We are in trouble…

She loves…

– BATHS! Can you believe last month this was a hate? I am so happy she loves them now.

– Laughing at Mommy, she will laugh back at me all the time now, so much fun!

– Mom and Baby Yoga (so far). Yeah we are only a class in but she LOVED it, hoping it lasts.

– Her highchair, which makes supper so much easier. I love that this one reclines for her too.


– Her playmat – I am not sure if the darn blinking sun and annoying songs are hypnotizing or what but she LOVES it. Bets $30 ever, thank you Costco (it was $90 at Babies R Us)

She hates…

– BEDTIME. More on that later. Good thing? She sleeps like a champ once asleep!

– Her swaddle sleepsack, it annoys her so much but does her sleep wonders!

– Being hungry – who can blame her? Winking smile


– So many more smiles and laughs, I think her first real smile was before one month but they are now daily so I will mark them down as a milestone here.

– “Talking”, this girl can talk! She will coo, shriek, and make all sorts of noises.

– Tummy time master, she will now tolerate it for more than 5 minutes, and can lift and gold her head up so high she flops herself over onto her back.

– She recognizes me and Chad I am sure of it, maybe it is still just by voice but I am convinced otherwise Winking smile

Eating – We have had some trying feedings the past month where she fusses more than usual but it is not often so I just chalk it up to a being a baby. She nurses every 3 hours usually, sometimes 2.5 if she is cranky or 3.5-4 if she if napping. At night she can go up to 7 hours!

Sleeping – I am so proud of Miss Avery here. She has her night time sleeping down to a tee. She goes to bed between 8-9pm (I am doing a bedtime routine post later this week…), then Chad gives her a dream feed about 10:30pm of 4oz. She usually will sleep till between 4-5am, I feed her and put her back to sleep and she wakes up for the day between 7-8am. She is not a huge fan of long naps right now and they change daily, we still follow EASY (eat, sleep, activity, your time) as much as we can, so typically she has a morning nap, a mid day nap and an afternoon nap. The morning and afternoon ones are usually under an hour and then the mid day one can be up to 2 hours if I am lucky. She sleeps really good if she is being held or if we are out of the house and she is in her carseat, go figure, Evening naps typically are a no go which is why our bedtime routine starts at 7pm now!

Onto ME.

I am good Smile Even in the dead of winter, 5 feet of snow outside and temps that have gone as cold as –40 we have survived this far! I make a point of getting out daily to keep my sanity. I am too much of a busy body to stay home I have realized. And since Avery does good out we make it a point to get out lots.

Emotionally –Not much has changed, there are lots of great days, some not so great ones but that is all part of being a parent. Right now I just am looking forward to easier evenings so me and Chad get more time together with A in bed vs us passing out as soon as we finally get her settled.

Physically – lots has changed. After Christmas I started working out again, and at the end of the month my Dr cleared me to workout and run. Since then I have been working out five days a week and feeling great about it. I am working on toning (especially my mid section) and getting back my endurance for running and its all coming slowly, but surely. I have zero pain from my incision area. I had some mid December after I stretched up too high to reach something and tore scar tissue but besides that I am back to normal I would say. The scar itself is a thin red line that eventually will fade to white.

Now for my Photos (sorry bad lighting again and sans makeup):



I am going to wear the same outfit for future photos to have a better comparison.

I decided not to track my weight for progress since really I am back at pre-pregnancy weight and really not looking at loosing more than a few pounds. However, I think my measurements are worth noting for progress. So I did take them last month after my one month post and took them again this month:

  One Month PP (Dec 10) Two Months PP (Jan 10)
     Upper Thighs      19”      19”
     Hips (at hip bone)      34”      33”
     Waist (smallest part)      29”      27.5”
     Upper Arms      9”      9.25”
     Bust      35.5”      35”

I am pretty happy since this was 80% my body’s own doing. I started working out regularly not even two weeks ago so results from that are very limited.

What do I hope to see in the coming months? Well to start I do have some measurements from a couple years ago and well my 31” hips may be long gone (and that is a-okay) I do hope to see a few changes. Obviously I am hoping to loose 1-2” off my waist, if my hips lost 1” that would be great too but not sure that will happen. For my arms and thighs I hope to gain inches there as I get muscle and tone back. In pregnancy my legs and arms gone thinner since I lost muscle so time to gain that back. My bust? Well until I am done bf’ing I doubt that will change much but it is currently up a few inches from a couple years ago.


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