Mom and Avery Month Three

Month THREE?! How did that happen?

Avery three months

Weight: 10lbs 5oz! Little gal gained 1lb, 3oz in a month which is great for her. She is tiny, like her Mom and Grandma Smile

Length: 23”

This past week she has been very demanding, making me tired. I am more thankful than ever that she sleeps so well since when she is awake she demands constant attention from me. I am thinking this is her personality showing through and we will have a little attention seeker on our hands Smile

She loves…

  – Her fists! She loves sucking on her hands. I am thinking this is an early teething sign she is drools a TON.

– Her “kitty tails” book, she loves sucking on the “tails”, the crinkly sound it makes an shoving it into her face in general Winking smile

– Her Daddy making funny sounds at her, makes her giggle all the time.

– Bath time! She loves it, which is great since she can get cranky between 5-7pm so this helps to make her happy before bed.

She hates…

Not much really, she can fight naps some days but those are only here and there. Really the only thing she does not like is being ignored Winking smile But who can blame her!


– Like I said above she might be teething? We will see what the next month brings there.

– She responds to social smiles almost all the time now, and will giggle and smile for more and more people.

– Going to bed on her own, we are basically at the point of putting her in her crib, letting her have her soother for 10 minutes or so and she puts herself to sleep Smile

Eating – Still every 3-3.5 hours during the day, her dream feed of a 4oz bottle at 10pm (Chad does this). After her 10pm dream feed she will either sleep through the night till 6:30-7am or wake up around 4am for a short feed.

Sleeping – I kinda answered this above a couple times. We have a rockstar sleeper, and hoping it stays this way! She has two sleep patterns at night, 8:30pm is always her bedtime, so so either sleeps 8:30pm-6:30-7am or 8:30pm-4am, feeds and back to sleep from 4:30-7:30am. Naps are getting better and more consistent. She has a half an hour nap one hour after she wakes up, then two more naps that are around an hour during the day, and a last nap for about half an hour around 5:30pm.

Onto ME.

Emotionally – I had a tough week last week, between a demanding baby and having three nights in a row with her till 7pm (Chad was home late) I was exhausted – not sure how you Moms do it when your husbands work away or single Moms – you AMAZE me.




  One Month PP (Dec 10) Two Months PP (Jan 10) Three Months PP (Feb 10)
     Upper Thighs      19”      19” 19”
     Hips (at hip bone)      34”      33” 32.5”
     Waist (smallest part)      29”      27.5” 27”
     Upper Arms      9”      9.25” 9.25”
     Bust      35.5”      35” 34”

As you can see every little changed physically, and I am back at pre-pregnancy shape I would say. I am a few lbs under, all my clothes fit and really only my bust is a tad bigger and waist a tiny bit bigger. Saying that I think this is my last post partum check in. I do not want to worry about loosing more weight or inches, I just wanted to be comfortable in my clothes again and I am. I really do not expect much to change not until after I wean Avery. Nor do I want much to change. I am going to continue to workout, my stomach could still tone up a bit, and I need start focusing on half marathon training. Because of my past with HA I have to be careful that I do not restrict eating, and always remember, there is such a thing as being too healthy, everything in moderation is a-okay.

One last topic I wanted to talk about…Being a SAHM (stay at home Mom).

It has been almost 4 months since I have been off work (umm, how did this happen so fast?) and we have fallen into a great groove over here. I LOVE being at home with Miss Avery BUT I know and have for awhile that being a SAHM is not for me. First, of all these is all my feelings, and I have the most respect for SAHMs.

So where to start. Within a couple months I was bored. I have a really good baby, leaving me with lots of down time (this has changed a bit now). Anyways, I am not one to every sit at home all day and watch TV, mainly since the last 7 years or so of my life have been busy, between work, marathon training and volunteer work I got used to a go-go-go lifestyle. Saying that I make sure we get out every day to keep my sanity, and Avery does better too when we get out more. I love my job and co-workers I miss them, so I have started to contract back. Some people would say this is crazy, but for me its not. I want to stay connected and love my job. I am doing more of consulting than anything so it is all on my own time (except monthly meetings) and really not a ton of work. I have had to turn down a couple offers to do other work as well since I am not taking away time from Avery during out year off.

I will obviously be going back to work in the fall as well, I will be full time and I am sure it will be a huge change but I know it is what will be best for us all.


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