Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s out there – this shout out also goes out to all the Mommy’s to be (SO many of you!) and of course fur-Mom’s too!

Check out my fur-Mom Mother’s Day present:

Mothers Day gift

New running socks 🙂

After a speedy morning gym trip (6k run and the usual upper body workout)  we headed out take our Mom’s out to brunch at Heritage Ranch. Is it located within the trail system and absolutely beautiful.

HR Mothers Day

I was pretty hungry and did not even think about taking food photos, but I tell you it was unbelievable. My plate was stacked with cinnamon raisin french toast, eggs benedict, a mushroom bake, lots of fruit, shrimp, the best cinnamon sticky bun ever and then we shared a couple desserts – strawberry shortcake and a cheesecake with Oreo crust.

After stuffing ourselves full we took a walk around the trails and I snapped a few photos with my new phone:

Mother'd Dat walk trails

2012-05-13 12.14.21

This afternoon we wanted to take full advantage of our plus 24 degree weather so decided to go golfing. Chad has a membership at a course that is about a 8 minute drive for our house, so convenient and we really love the course (Spirit Creek for you locals!). We decided we wanted to golf at least weekly this summer so I splurged and bought a 12 punch pass, basically you pay for 10 rounds and get 2 free. Better than paying full price! Now to use up all those rounds!

Such a cute course, it is rustic like and nice and quiet 🙂

Spirit Creek golfing

This of course would not be a Mother’s Day post without me talking a little about my Momma. She rocks. She has been the best Mom (& Dad) to me and my brothers, we stole most of her life (though I know she’d never look at it this way) and she never once complained about it, from winters spent running all over the place for numerous hockey games to late night bar pick ups she has done it all for us. I know I speak for me and my brothers when I say we owe her everything. I only hope today she gets everything she deserves and enjoys her day to the fullest. We love you Mom!

And because a few of you asked for photos of me in the lace dress from RW&Co, here you are! I forgot Chad took pre-event pictures of me.


Around 6pm I figured I should start supper though we were still full from brunch 7 hours ago… Supper was easy, grilled chicken and Greek couscous salad.


And I could not even finish my plate, so full still!

I feel so scatter brained today….but guess what else happened this weekend?! We got the glass on our deck railings. Love them. Love them. Makes for a much nicer view for sure.


Back to work tomorrow? Yuck… haha. No, it was a great weekend, and next weekend is the long weekend with lots of fun in store, I cannot wait already.


Do you golf?

Yup! Chad got me into golfing about 7 years ago. Then my University summer job was at a country club and we golfed for free! The last few summers we always seem to get too busy and end up maybe going 5 times. This year that will be different with the pass and membership I hope! We also have golf lessons in June 🙂

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