Mud Hero Recap

This was my third year running the race, it is such a fun race and the fact that the venue is literally a few minutes outside of Red Deer is even better. This year was SO muddy, it was everywhere, years before my hair and face were somewhat spared but not this year!

There was a lot of people I knew running at the 10am heat on the Saturday, Chad, Becky, Amie, Sam, another friend/coworker and a coworker and his wife! I like to do this race for fun so really never push myself, unlike Chad who is crazy. Spoiler alert – he finished in 9th place for the 10am heat at 44 minutes!

Before photo of me and Chad:



We started about half way through the wave, which in hindsight was not a great idea since we could basically walk at times it was so congested. I found this year to be the most congested yet!

The first few kms are mostly down hill. And because it has been dry lately it was way less muddy than previous years. We had the car climb, hero walls, cargo climb, before hitting the slide. Last year it was more of a waterslide so you could brace yourself going in and hopefully not go under the dirty water. Not this year, it was a large almost vertical ramp and we plunged right in! Mud was EVERYWHERE. Even in my mouth. But it did cool us down!

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We went through a few more mud type pits, a backwards bulldog (you lay on your back and pull yourself along a tarp under a cargo net), and a few other obstacles before starting back up the hill.

The hill was split up again this year which makes it way better and it was not as near as muddy so it was also easier to get back up.  I always find this part to feel the longest even though it is just over a km to the end.

Next was the cargo climb, here was where I got annoyed. I think I caught up to people from the heat before me and it was really backed up. The cargo climb scares the crap out of me but I just roll across the top, so I tried to tell others that were frozen up there to do the same but they just would stare at me! I felt bad pushing around them but was not waiting any longer!

After I ran a bit before coming to more obstacles, another new one was “punch drunk love” where you ran along a balance beam through large swinging punching bags, I loved it! If I remember right next was over/unders and then one one CRAZY mud pit to end it all.

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Again – enter frustrations here. I got held up a few times. People just stopped in the mud pits and then get stuck…shocker. They called this end part “trench and trudge” so basically you climbed up muddy trenches then slide back down into the mud pits – 4 times. There were also some tunnel to go through. I had to be a tad pushy through here, but it was so close to the end I wanted to get going!

Chad in the mud pit (his photos were better!):

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Chad finished in 44 minutes and I finished in 1:09, but a good 9-10 minutes of that was spent waiting I am sure. Next year I will start closer to the front to save frustrations.

After photo of me and Chad:


After photo of me, Amy, Sam and Becky – I had cleaned up a bit already!


All in all it was a great race, it is well organized and the venue is perfect for it. I cannot wait to do Mud Hero 2016!


10 thoughts on “Mud Hero Recap

  1. thebexfactor

    You got some great photos! I think they could benefit from smaller waves but I understand that this event has grown so much in popularity. I mean, they've gone from a one day event to a three day event that sells out but the congestion does get a bit annoying.

  2. Alison

    This looks SO fun!! You guys got MUDDY!!! Wow. Awesome pics and Chad kicked butt! I love that he always wears that shirt. It's an awesome shirt!

  3. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    I love the picture of you guys going down the slide!! That looks so fun. I think the cargo climb is also at the Spartan, right? That one terrified me too! I was really scared I was going to slip turning around at the top. Do you or Chad wear trail shoes for these types of races? I just wore regular (old pair) of runners for the Spartan and it was fine but I'm wondering if I will feel the same at the Spartan Super. And I want to do this race next year, too! Although, I don't like signing up a year in advance. What if I'm pregnant or something 😉

    1. arunningtale

      That slide scared me! haha. Yup the cargo climb is similar in both races. I just held on and did not look down!
      We both just wear regular shoes, I know Becky wears her Vibrams.
      Right? That is always my diliema but I did this race 7 months pregnant so I figure I am pretty safe, I have also had to give up races since I signed up early and then was pregnant but usually was able to sell my place so I did not loose money.


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