One Month – Avery and Mom

I cannot believe that our little gal is already a month old! Time has flown by and we have adjusted really well.

Lets start with Avery. Her one month stats:

avery one month

Weight: A whopping 7lbs 14oz! (only 13 days ago she was 7lbs)

Length: 21”

She has developed such a little personality these past couple of weeks. She laughs, coos and smiles daily now and we love every minute of it.  She can be feisty for sure, and will let us know when she is hungry, over tired or needs a diaper change. She also has the pouty lip 100% down. We are in trouble…


She loves…

– Her swing and bird mobile on it. When you turn on the mobile she laughs at the birds.

– Her soother. Well we say its a love-hate relationship since if she is upset her little hands get going (especially the left) and knocks it out, which upsets her more.

– Being held…by anyone. She does this thing where she pretends to be asleep and peeks at your out of one eye to make sure she is still being held. Put her down and she is wide awake.

– The Christmas tree, the lights amaze her, so we set her on the couch to look at it every night.

– Being swaddled –day and night, at night we use the Halo sleepsack swaddle.

– Sleeping in our bed. She knows when we pull her into our bed in the mornings sometimes and spreads right out with a little grin on her face. Yeah this is why she stays in her crib, she’d get used to that way too quick!

She hates…

– Bath time – kinda. Now that she has real baths she likes them a bit more. Daddy does bath time with her.

– Most diaper changes. Its cold! We understand Winking smile

– Being hungry or overtired. Especially when you pair that with being in her carseat. Other times she is pretty content in the carseat.

She is getting used to tummy time and can do it for almost 10 minutes now before hating it. She also can lay on the floor with some mirror toys and entertain herself for awhile. I love how much more awake she is these days.

Eating – She eats pretty good. She is a fast eater, most feedings are 15 minutes on average, and when she is done there is no getting her to eat more, she even presses her lips together and buries her head. She eats anywhere from every 2-4 hours day and night. She takes the bottle (Avent) like a champ too and from anyone. I love this as it gives me (and Chad) the ability to get away sometimes. She can drink 3-4oz in under 10 minutes.

Sleeping – In the past week or so she has started to “wake up” more but that is normal.  Saying that (I feel) like she sleeps less. The past week she started to get more into a sleep routine. Right now we follow the EASY routine from the Baby Whisper as much as we can, so eat, activity (diaper change, baths, tummy time, reading her books…), sleep and your time (while she sleeps). We do pretty good with this and it allows us to know why she might be fussy. She does fight some of her naps though! At night she usually goes to bed around 8:30pm, we wake her for a dream (like) feed around 11pm-midnight, then she is up between 2-4am for a diaper change and feeding and then up again anywhere from 5;30-6:30am. After the morning wake up I try to get her back to sleep, sometimes it works other times it does not. If it does she sleeps from anywhere from 1-3 hours again. In a couple weeks we are going to work on establishing a bedtime routine.

Now onto me, how am I doing? Pretty good. I honestly felt great the first week or so, then I started to get a tad tired or the same old routine all day long. I realized that getting away whether its a haircut, a couple hours away with friends or running errands makes this way better. I have been taking placenta pills since about 9 days after I had her and I think those have helped TONS with my mood. The other thing that helps a lot? Chad. He is amazing. He does all her baths, lets me have some of my time in the evenings, encourages me to get out without Avery… I really cannot say how much I appreciate him these days. He will even wake up with Avery in the middle of the night or help me out with a diaper change. He also puts her to bed every night after the dream feed.

I cannot believe I have been home for almost two months, time has gone so quick, I really enjoy being home with Avery and think it will be even more fun when she is older and the weather is nicer. However, I already know that I could not be a stay at home Mom. Those who are I commend you cause I could not do it.

Physically, I am not too tired, but by 8pm I am done. My body bounced back quicker than I could ever imagine. I think about 10 days after I was a my pre-pregnancy weight – but remember too I only gained 18lbs so that was easily lost. Now I am a few lbs under that but my body is not the same. WAY more squishy and yesterday I went to try my jeans on again and they do fit but still too tight for my liking and a little uncomfy with my incision area. Oh and do not even ask about my boobs… crazy what they also do.

Sorry Chad took blurry photos!



I have not taken measurements yet. But here are my weight stats:

Pre-pregnancy – 115lbs or so – because I was gaining weight to get pregnant I was trying not to watch the scale. I gained up from about 105lbs.

Full term – 133lbs

One month post partum – 113lbs

I do not have a weight goal in mind. Being that I am breastfeeding I need to keep on some weight and cannot get back down to where I was a couple years ago for many reasons. Right now my only goal is to firm back up and fit into my jeans more comfortably.

How am I recovering from the csection? Again this amazed me. I was walking within hours after and stayed mobile as much as I could. For the first week I took T3s for the pain but then was good with no pain killers. I have not had any pain in 2.5 weeks I would say. The incision itself is the smallest red line a couple inches (or more) below my belly button. I think its still a tad swollen just above it and if I push hard on it, it feels bruised sometimes.

And because a one month post would not be complete without talking about our first (kitty) child, how is Scarlet doing? Still great. She has shown no signs of being mad or jealous. She loves to watch Avery during tummy time and we have made sure to still show her lots of love.


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