Our Week Off

Hope everyone has had a good week and weekend, for us it went by way too fast – Monday tomorrow?!

Since I have been away over a week now there is so much to catch up on, I do not know where to start.

Last Saturday I met up with Destini for the first time! She was in Calgary so we had to make the trip south to see her and her husband. So glad we did, we had an awesome lunch at The Coup Smile

2013-08-03 13.55.20

Now they just need to move here so we can see each other more Winking smile

Sunday morning we left on our road trip to Tofino. I had never been that far west before and Chad had a long, long time ago.

Day 1 we drove to Vernon which was pretty uneventful.

Day 2 we had a much shorter drive to Chilliwack – only about 4 hours. Once there we found a lake to hang out at for a few hours (Cultus Lake), then we went to a putting course – as the owner called it “mini golf on steroids”. It was just like a actual golf course but obviously all putting. It was really nice!

2013-08-05 16.37.46

2013-08-05 17.10.18

Day 3 was our ferry ride to the island. My first time on the ferry!

2013-08-06 12.26.30

Nothing too exciting, and no whale sightings Sad smile I also bought myself a fedora at the ferry terminal:


From the ferry to Tofino was ROUGH. These signs are an understatement:

2013-08-08 09.41.35

I get car sick on a good day let alone at 7 months pregnant and almost 3 hours of winding roads were no fun. Once in Tofino I started to feel better. Our accommodation in Tofino was amazing, right on the bay, and the perfect little space:



We enjoyed the sunny patio before heading for supper.


A candid photo from Chad Smile

Before supper we went to inquire on whale tours. I am scared of the water in general and no a fan of boats so when we found a place with a newer, bigger boat I was pretty happy. However, after talking to the guy we were told no whale watching for pregnant ladies…the open ocean can be too choppy I guess. But he sold us on a bear tour since its in the inlets and much calmer waters. We went for supper and then went back to book the tour and it was sold out!!! I was so disappointed, the next tour was for the day we were leaving and this place had also given us a good deal. We decided to go on a hunt for another company and finally found one that had space and was reasonably priced. The only downside – small motor boat… Eeek.

The next morning we were up bright and early for the tour at 7am. The boat was older but totally safe and I was fine the entire time just cold. I had no idea before getting Tofino but it is not a warm place and usually really foggy.

Tofino morning:


Our bear tour was great, we saw 4 black bears, including one cub, lots of bald eagles, seals and jelly fish.



The smaller boat was good since we got way closer to the animals too.

After the tour we went back to warm up – it seriously felt like November to me! Then we went for brunch. I am experiencing the whole pregnancy thing where I am starving, eat a few bites of food and I am stuffed, then an hour later repeat that all over again. Brunch took me about an hour to eat because of this!

We decided to check out a few of the beaches in the afternoon, however the fog was still around and it made for a cold beach day!



After a while the fog had not lifted so we made our way back to Tofino, but first we stopped at a place for gelato, all this for $5:

2013-08-07 14.53.15

Lavender honey and Pistachio. So, so good! We also spotted the famous Tacofino food truck there and decided to come back later for supper.

Back in Tofino the sun was out and we enjoyed some sun tanning on the balcony:


2013-08-07 15.36.42

That might the only time I am a bikini this pregnancy, summer is going too fast!

Our taco (we had the tuna one) was our vote for best meal while on the trip.

2013-08-07 18.48.49

It had ginger, seasweed salad, tuna and other great things. A must visit if you are in Tofino, thanks to Amber for the suggestion Smile

That night it was semi clear to get some sunset photos:


Not too bad, but the fog started to creep in again. Boo.

Thursday morning we had breakfast at the apartment, then stopped at a coffee place for coffee:

2013-08-08 08.44.28

Totally reminded me of Cool Beans at home.

The rest of Thursday and Friday were fairly uneventful, spent most if the day travelling, almost missed our ferry (we were 3 minutes late for reservation) but snuck on thankfully, stopped at a fruit stand where Chad got to feed the goats:

2013-08-09 10.20.57


The trip home seemed to take forever but we finally got back home Friday evening.

Overall we had a good week, it went too fast and were happy to see Tofino and the island. However, next time we might fly out there Smile

Be back tomorrow with our Mud Hero and weekend recap!


Anyone else been to Tofino, thoughts?

What is your ideal vacation?

I like to be busy, I do prefer warmer destinations, and I like to move around lots to see as much as we can – probably why we’ve done the all inclusive thing. I do have my favorite relax spots such as Phoenix though too!

11 thoughts on “Our Week Off

  1. thebexfactor

    I went to Tofino with my parents many years ago. I would love to go back and go surfing. I love the West Coast. One of these days I hope I can do a road trip out to Vancouver, Victoria, etc. I love Nanaimo too.

    My ideal vacation is anywhere really, hahaha. I don't think I've had a bad vacation yet. I just love to travel.

    1. arunningtale

      I think I would like it more if there was sun! lol. The one guy was telling us some beaches see 1-2 hours of sun a day in the summer. Craziness. I am hoping to go to Victoria next Oct to run the marathon 🙂

  2. Destini

    It was so great meeting you two as well!! We're seriously thinking about moving to Alberta!

    Looks like a wonderful week!! I've never been to Tofino, looks wonderful!!!

      1. Destini

        Alberta was actually quite cold for us. We're used to the humidity from Manitoba. Nights were extremely cold.

  3. Amber

    I LOVE Tofino and can't wait to go back! We went last year for our honeymoon and spent 4 glorious nights there. I actually really loved the foggy mornings, we would go walk on the beach by our cabin and sip coffee! Plus the sun always hit our beach in the afternoon and it would get quite hot when the sun was beating on you. I agree that some of the beaches were just super foggy all the time though.

    I still can't believe you guys did SO much driving in just a week! I think you fit in a lot! I don't think I'd ever drive all the way to Tofino for just two nights and we're a lot closer than you guys! We kind of hate driving though haha. Victoria is one of my very favourite cities so definitely visit it the next time you go to the island!

    1. arunningtale

      I think I just needed to be more prepared for the cooler weather and fog! But the sunny afternoons were perfect 🙂 I guess they call August Fog-ust too… Lol.
      We always seem to do this to ourselves, you'd think we like driving 😉 I had initially planned to stay 4 nights but then we realized we had to be back for Mud Hero – bad planning on my part but it was still fun.
      Yes – we are hoping to go to Victoria next Oct, I want to run the marathon 🙂

  4. Nicole

    Tofino looks amazing! I so want to go there one year but I'm definitely flying to the Island- I'm done driving that far!

    The first few times I went to BC as a teenager I was shocked at how chilly it is by the ocean. It makes sense but for some reason I expected it to be way warmer and always froze! Now I am always prepared with an array of clothing.

    Those tacos look delicious!

    Cute belly!!

    The tour looks so cool! I would love to see bears that close up!

    I prefer vacations where I stay in one place for at least 2-3 nights at a time. I hate constantly being on the move since I feel we spend more time travelling then exploring. I like all-inclusives since you have to make very little decisions and can just relax or explore as you please. I also like travelling to new places like Europe and learning about history and different cultures. I'm not a huge fan of road trips, other than they are fairly economical!


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