Weekend Recap

Another cold weekend meant a lot of hibernating! Winter can leave any day now πŸ˜‰


I had the night off running! We watched some TV but called it a night early – I am out by 9pm these days!


Despite the weather we went to to Costco first thing and a few other places so we could stay at home the rest of the day.

After lunch both girls wanted outside, I bundled them up and they played on the deck for 15 minutes or so.

Any fresh air is good!

Our afternoon was spent at home cleaning, working on Avery’s Valentine’s day cards for preschool, and playing:

I honestly cannot wait for nicer weather so we can get out more and do things! I thought we might go out swimming or something but decided I did not want to even be outside at all – HA.


Last 32km run!! It is now taper time and my long runs are 20km then 16km – I am done with training! For now πŸ˜‰ My Grandma came over mid morning to hang with Avery while Chloe napped and I started my run.

I started later so finished after lunch, I did not know how well this would work but I ate two small breakfasts before then had a Larabar on my run and it was perfect.

Later in the afternoon the girls and I went to a friend’s house since Chad was having guys over for the Superbowl we thought we would have our own girls party πŸ˜‰ We ordered pizza and they all played.

In a few short months we will add one more girl to this bunch! NO, not me – my friend πŸ˜‰


Foodie Friday

Happy February everyone! I like February, it is a short month, Valentine’s Day (I am a sucker for every holiday) and vacation month! Which also means marathon month – yikes!

Monday I took it easy after not feeling well on the weekend, Avery had a morning field trip which I volunteered for since was upset I did not join her on the last one πŸ˜‰ Tuesday I worked a bit late and last night started to work on Chloe’s birthday party theme etc – two months early but I hate leaving these things!

I have also been making my way through this book. I posted it on my Instagram stories saying the “types” the girls are and had a ton of questions. So here it is! I highly recommend it and she has a website too.

Moving into meal planning – I am so ready for it to be BBQ season! I feel like it makes supper planning a lot easier πŸ™‚ And this is from someone who rarely used to use their BBQ!

Saturday – Salmon Tacos – Willowbird Baking – I know I just made these but they are too good not to repeat stat!

Sunday – Superbowl appetizers!

Monday – One Pot Sausage Pasta – Two Peas & Their Pod

Tuesday – Turkey Taco Burrito Bowls – Together as a Family

Wednesday – Hoisin Stir Fry Bowls with Peanut Sauce – Budget Bytes

Thursday – Greek Chicken Wraps – Budget BytesΒ 

Friday – OUT

Weekend plans – Our last 30+km run!!! And Superbowl – Chad is having friends over so the girls and I are hiding upstairs and Avery has said we are having a girls only picnic πŸ˜‰


Master Bedroom Mini Makeover

So four long months ago I started this “small” project. It all started with the desire to paint our dark brown bedroom furniture white. That took a month and a bit… From there I found my dream headboard on Wayfair, then bought a few decor items to complete the room. I say complete but the truth is I am 90% done and still missing a few things.

I am by no means great at home decor styling and I find it takes me way too long to find the right pieces or even envision them! I wanted to spend no more than $300 and my vision going into it was clean and simple.

Anyways, some before photos, I took them sorta last minute so they are not the best. I had the bed since I was 19, the dresser and night stands we purchased when we bought our first house in 2005! I had not done much for decor in the room since we moved into this house two years ago knowing I wanted to re-do it anyways.

Up close of the nightstands, you can see the wear on the top – and the dresser was worse!

First up on the makeover, the painting of the furniture! I painted our dresser, removed the mirror and painted both nightstands.. The process was just time consuming since I rarely have hours to devote to it, just an hour here and there. But I am so happy with how it turned out! I used an all-in-one primer and paint and then used a warterbased varnish on the tops.

I kept the existing hardware…for now. I do not hate it so until I find something I love for a good price I am happy to keep it.

I wanted an upholstered grey headboard. I wavered between just the headboard or a platform style bed but I fell in love with this one on a Black Friday sale on Wayfair.

I changed out my lamp to have two smaller ones which I found at Winners. I kept my nightstand decor the same (for now) and bought the “K” for Chad’s, that accompanies his awesome 25 year old alarm clock πŸ˜‰

The wooden triangle shelf was made by my Mom!

I really did not know what to put in it but found the “relax” at Michaels then added a rock of mine. I had more I went to add but simple was best.

On the other side of the room the photos stayed the same and work with the new decor. Right now I have the rocking chair in our room as well since I took it out of Chloe’s. I am not sure it will stay but for now we like having it in there.

The one piece that took me a while to find was a new (detached) mirror for the dresser. But I finally found this one at Winners a few weeks ago. It is actually hung just above the dresser by 8″ or so, but I had given up on Chad hanging it before photos – then he did about an hour later but it was too dark for photos!

I love the mirror and while I was not 100% sure on what I wanted this is it.

You can see a lot of bare areas on the wall still and I would love to fill these, less is more and I want to stay simple so I think I will.

The missing pieces to the room are new throw pillows and a blanket/throw for the base of the bed. I want to find pillows I love first but am semi lost on what I want. I think I needed to add a bit of colour but want to keep it simple too.

I also tackled our walk-in closet a couple weeks ago and said good-bye to almost half my closet – 4 large bags and one tote of clothes later I cannot tell you how good it feels! I actually might still get rid of more, there is still a ton!

No before photos, but after ones.

All the bins were overflowing before and I have easily 40 free hangers now. I find the hardest thing for us, is having casual clothes, work clothes and working out clothes. But this was a huge step.

And that is our mini master bedroom makeover!


Weekend Recap

We had such a busy weekend, which actually meant less photos – also because I have come down with some kind of bug (insert tears).


A typical Friday night for us, a run for me, followed by laundry and some TV shows – gosh we are old!


The girls had a birthday party at McDonalds play place – OY. A few hours there was more than enough for me, but they both had a blast!

Miss. Chloe being her crazy self:

Chad teaching Avery how to use a yo-yo:

I spent my afternoon cleaning after the party. I try to do my cleaning Saturdays now so that after my long run Sunday I can take it easy.

Later my Mom came over to spend the evening with the girls while Chad and I went out for a our friend’s going away party.

I took one photo – of my pizza:

Sadly I was not feeling too great all afternoon and by 9pm I was done so we headed home. I hoped to sleep whatever off but that did not happen!


After a bad sleep I got up, and laid around until Chad went to the gym to run. I had high hopes after breakfast I could do my long run and the first 5km went okay but then it went down hill. I did 10km and realized doing the long run wasn’t beneficial to me at all. So I stopped at 10km which kills me.

I spent a good couple of hours resting until we headed out to our community winter carnival. I said I would help out, being on the Board, as well it was cold out so I wanted there to be some people there!

The girls all bundled up to go:

There were more people than I thought would come! We played some games, had popcorn and hung out by the fire pits we rented. The girls lasted an hour then we went home. I felt a lot better outside for a bit but coming home I did not.

And that is pretty much our weekend, I am hoping to kick whatever bug I have with a good sleep tonight!


Foodie Friday

I keep telling myself I will get back to posting on here and then I blink and it is Friday. Saying that for the time being I have decided to stick to a few types of posts, weekend recaps, meal planning and marathon training. This probably is a separate post in itself but as the girls get older I have much more I want to do with them and way less time to be sitting at my computer, never mind thinking of post topics etc. So that is the short and sweet version πŸ˜‰

Onto our week! A couple chiropractor appointments, one for me since I have been getting headaches and one for Avery since her neck was bothering her. Both of us feel much better now! I went to an evening spin class Wednesday night and scored when Lululemon came and gave everyone stainless steel water bottles and a card to redeem a free Swiftly shirt in store!

I picked up cupcakes one night as a treat for us all. In typical toddler/kid fashion the girls both ate all the icing and nothing else…



The girls have been asking to bath in our tub lately, and for some reason baths are much more calm in there…

Matching ponys = heart eyes!

Moving right into meal planning. I felt pretty defeated this week with neither girl wanting to eat anything I made (sigh) but like most things, I know this will change. I just hope it is soon!

Saturday – OUT

Sunday – Turkey Spinach Bake – Budget Bytes

Monday – Pancakes & turkey bacon – Avery’s request

Tuesday – Greek Crock Pot Sloppy Joes – Well Plated

Wednesday – Chicken Fajitas

Thursday – BBQ Chicken Burrito Bowls – Budget Bytes

Friday – Perogies, Sausage & kale Caesar salad

This weekend is a busy one! The girls have a birthday party, Chad and I have a going away party then we have a community event on Sunday plus our long run!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekends!