Joining Beautycounter

I am rarely one to jump into things that just feel “right” 9 times out of 10 I overthink things until I talk myself out of it but for some reason a couple weeks ago I did not do this and wanted to share about my new “venture”.

A year ago my friend Brie introduced me to Beautycounter, and at the time I was satisfied with my overall skin care and products but I also knew there was better out there for me. As I slowly started to read and learn more about Beautycounter I fell in love, not just with the products but the company.

Their mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone because they believe that products can be beautiful, effective and significantly safer.

Over the past few months I felt the urge to join as a consultant but in my mind I could not commit, mainly wondering how I could find more time in my days to do so. But here is the thing, I really believe that if we want to do something bad enough, we find the time and it happens almost effortlessly. This is exactly how everything has gone for me over these past couple of weeks. I have more than enjoyed reading and learning more about this company, fell even more in love and slowly started to tell my friends and family about it.

One main thing that stuck out to me was that they have a list of more than 1500 ingredients that they prohibit in their products which includes 1400 the European Union has banned plus their “never list” which is another 100 ingredients they prohibit in their product formulations.

As I read more into these ingredients, their potential effects and saw they are in many of the products in our house I started to think “are these the products I want to be using on my children or have them using as they get older?” No! I want better for them, and for myself – and that there was enough for me to become a consultant. Because we all deserve better.

As well I have learned many other things to love about Beautycounter – like they are a Certified B Corporation. The B stands for Benefit which means that unlike a traditional corporate structure they consider the people, the planet and profits. They go well beyond the current industry standards for transparency, this is not only in their products, but for advocacy and in education as well. And for advocacy? In 2017 alone they held more than 100 meetings with Congress and Parliament advocating for new laws to get safer products into the market. Totally inspiring.

I could not end this post without sharing my Beautycounter favourites over the past year.

Their masks, I use both the balancing facial mask (either once a week/spot treatments) and the brightening facial mask 2 days a week. Both have dramatically improved the overall texture and look of my skin.

The balancing facial mist. This has been a life saver for me! I workout at lunch 2-3 days a week running or going to spin class but never have the motivation to wash my face after (shhh I know!) and I swear by this mist to absorb the excess oil/sweat post workout to help avoid breakouts.

The nourishing cream exfoliator – I was never a fan of exfoliators before this one as they were always too harsh on my skin.

Countermatch adaptive moisture lotion. I have struggled to find a moisturizer my skin likes before finding this one earlier this year. The best part? It adjust to your hydration levels throughout the day!

Their kids line, with Chloe’s sensitive skin we had problems finding a body that did not give her dry skin and eczema. Since moving to their body wash we have had no issues!

Onto makeup! I will pick my top two favourites here, which has to be their touch up concealer pen and the sheer lipstick. I am going to talk for a second on the lipstick since I am devote lip gloss user but this stuff 100% changed my mind!

Like everything I know that Beautycounter may not be for everyone, but for us it works, fits in with our beliefs and we really love the company and everything it stands for. So if you want to learn more about the company and their products let me know, as I am happy (and excited) to do so 🙂


Weekend Snapshots

We are heading into the first week of summer – already! Our weekend snapshots:

Friday morning shenanigans:

We ran a 10km race Sat- akaurday morning. My co-workers all ran it too, which made is extra fun! Chad and I came in about 10 seconds apart – bigger beat me! – at just under and just over 48 minutes – which was my goal time 🙂 I placed first in my category and second female 🙂

Package pick up/beer and pop time:

Heading to the race, my Mom watched the girls while we ran – someone was less than cooperative though…

I forgot a photo of Chad and I but I will share our work team:

Later that day we had my brother and his fiancee for supper then went to a football game:

Sunday morning I did a solo 14km. I had planned to do 19km but my legs were tired so 14km felt good 😉

We had a low-key Father’s Day, a walk and park trip, backyard time with the sprinkler and a post supper ice cream date – aka bribery to eat salmon at supper 😉

First attempt at our Father’s Day photo:

The after the park – much better!

We moved the sprinkler and the girls were waiting for it to turn on…

And then…

This week I am taking a day off to have a day with the girls, and have a 5km solstice run.


Foodie Friday

I have no idea where the weeks go, every week I plan to get out for more bike rides and park trips and then it is Thursday night! This week was filled with meetings, Chloe had dance and some catch up on our zzz’s.

Chloe (and Avery) before dance:

The reason I need more sleep:

This will be our third week of our meal plans through Calluna Nutrition and I have to admit I will be lost without them in July! It has been so nice not think of these things and have all my meals and snacks planned out every single day. My goal has been sticking to the plan during the week and on weekends I am more flexible. So far I have seen great results – and actually lost weight – even though this was not the intention. I find I am way less hungry now too!

All recipes are through Calluna Nutrition’s meal plan service:

Saturday – Spiced Salmon Kabobs & qunioa

Sunday – Chili Lime Drumsticks with zucchini and mixed greens

Monday – Warm Spinach Pesto & Chickpea Salad (might add chicken smokies for the girls and Chad)

Tuesday – Penne with Busted Cherry Tomato Sauce

Wednesday – One Pan Sole & Asparagus with rice

Thursday – Ginger Tofu Stir Fry

Friday – Chicken fingers & fries

This weekend we have a 10km race, then some yard work if the weather cooperates – not sure what we will do Sunday yet as I am leaving thaup to Chad 🙂


Hello Summer List

With summer officially arriving next week I put together a fun list of things for us to so this summer. This list is different from past years since it is not a “bucket” list of things we have to do but rather a list of ideas for us to keep on the fridge this summer. I promised myself that this summer we will have more slow days to just enjoy the sun and have fun 🙂


What is one thing you hope to do this summer?

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend was full of highs and lows – Miss. Chloe had very short naps (unlike her) both days which meant crazy Chloe all afternoon both days and with rain all day yesterday it made for a long day!

Our snapshots:

A zoo trip Saturday! There were two new exhibits we had not seen, the pandas and lemurs AND it was the best zoo trip we have had in years. Great weather (not too hot) and no crowds! I did not bring my camera and have regrets now so cell phone photos it was! Most photos were the back of heads since neither girl was in a “photo mood”.

That night Avery and I snuck out for a DQ date – typically we save our yearly Blizzards for Miracle Treat Day but she had been asking for one (thanks commercials!) so we did just that after Chloe was in bed:

Sunday morning I did a solo 10km run at race pace (in the pouring rain) then Chad and the girls joined for another 10km. Thankfully the rain slowed down the second half of the run! No photo but here is my much sunnier Friday night run:

With a non-napping Chloe we spent our afternoon out, at the library, pet store, cat cafe and shoe shopping for Chad.

Now I am ready to sit down after a busy day out!