Weekend Snapshots

Another beautiful fall weekend in the books!

I got in two runs outside – one with the girls (5-6km is my max pushing the stroller now!) and one solo run.

I did some Halloween crafting for Avery’s class:

The girls did their own crafting at a paint studio – might not have been the best idea to take Chloe… but I am excited to see how their creations turn out!

We went to parks and played outside a lot – we banned electronics for the weekend, and luckily with little complaints!

We went to a hockey games and stayed to the end to see the fireworks 🙂

And ended the weekend with a family pizza supper before my in-laws head south. I cannot believe it is that time already – I felt like it was just October 1st!

Hope everyone had wonderful weekends 🙂


Foodie Friday

Jumping right into our week! Highlight of my week was my annual work gala!

Also – the only photo I took to share this week! It is always a fun night – even when it leaves you exhausted the next day! I also may have had one too many drinks 😉

Onto meal planning:

Saturday – Grilled Chicken Sausage and Veggies over Rice – Real Food Dietitians 

Sunday – Greek Mac and Cheese – Skinny Taste

Monday – Peanut Tofu Buddha Bowl – Delish Knowledge 

TuesdayHoney, Garlic Chicken Drumsticks, Rice & Kale Salad

Wednesday – Roasted Salmon, Potatoes & Asparagus

Thursday – Hawaiian BBQ Pizza – Life Made Simple

Friday – OUT

Weekend plans include a hockey game and some birthday party prep – before Avery’s party sneaks up on me!


Weekend Snapshots

Is it really mid-October?! I hope winter goes this fast so we are back to summer in no time 😉

Friday I took it easy – I had a migraine the day before and was not feeling my best still. So more Suits was in order 🙂

Saturday was the BIG day – attempt #2 to finish the ear piercing and while it was not an easy go, look who has ear #2 pierced!

The girls were in total goof mode that afternoon:

How Chloe plays with Avery’s toys…tackles her, sits on her and PLAY!

After a hard afternoon for Avery we decided to go to DQ after supper for Blizzards – both girls were in heaven! And yes, if I have not mentioned it yet Miss. Chloe out grew her dairy allergy!

Sunday morning we made salt dough & ornaments and cleaned before I went for a run. I am forcing myself outside for every run I can before winter settles in!

Speaking of running – I think I convinced myself to run at least one full next year…maybe two… so I better keep on running this winter!

I did my weekly baking for lunches then we headed to the park to enjoy the sun!

Hope everyone had great weekends!


Foodie Friday

Short weeks are my fave 🙂 You blink and it is the weekend again!

Our week highlights:

Avery got her ear pierced. YES EAR. Not EARS. Long story short we will be going back tomorrow for ear #2. Sigh. However, she is now quite excited about finally having an earning 😉

Better photo coming when we have two earrings in 🙂

My Mom and I went to a terrarium workshop for my birthday present from her – we loved how ours turned out! Now to keep mine alive…

And Chloe sporting a new hat from a company I work with:

Oh AND Beautycounter launched their much-anticipated holiday line! It is only available to Band of Beauty Members right now – but public on the 15th – more coming soon but for now you can check it out HERE!

Onto meal planning!

Saturday – Black bean burgers & salad –> if you have yet to try Costco’s black bean burgers you have to add these to your next Costco trip!

Sunday – Souptacular  & biscuits

Monday – Chicken Burrito Bowls

Tuesday – Veggie and Hummus sandwiches & sweet potato fries

Wednesday – Work Event

Thursday – One Pot Vegetarian Spaghetti – Family Food on the Table

Friday – Shrimp Fried Rice – Averie Cooks 

Weekend plans include piercing ear #2, hopefully some outside time and lots of R&R before I head into a few crazy weeks of work!


Thanksgiving Weekend Snapshots

Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! We had a couple family get togethers and a lot of good food!

Both the girls are really into colouring these days so mornings are spent colouring:

We had a beautiful day Saturday so before turkey we cleaned up the yard a bit:

We played games before the company arrived:

Avery’s drawings are blowing us away these days!

We had 13 people total – so not a huge number, and when everyone brings a dish it makes the hosting part much easier!

Sunday morning we did a family run. I have no idea how far since these days I am running Garmin free!

Followed by the park – when Chloe would not nap 😉

Who is this kid – how did she get so darn big?!

Avery and I hit up a rock & gem show and came home with these:

Later we watched a couple Halloween specials before the girls went to bed and we watched more Suits!

Monday went photo-less! We worked out then headed to another Thanksgiving with Chad’s family.