Save the Date – Upcoming Local Races

If I had unlimited time (and bank account) I would run every race I could, but alas that is not life πŸ˜‰ Β I find every year there are more and more great races popping up.

I have already shared my 2017 race calendar but for local(ish) people wanted to share other great races that I am not able to do but are still worth looking into.


Woody’s Half MarathonΒ – I am still on the fence on this one for this year. Call me a wimp but I want to see what the weather will be like πŸ˜‰


Red Deer Women’s Fun RunΒ -This race has turned into an annual tradition for my Mom and I. We started doing Mother’s Day runs in Calgary, then found this great local one and did it before I had any kids and ever since πŸ™‚ It is a great family morning!




City ChaseΒ – This is Canada’s largest urban adventure race and every year it is on my list to do but Β I have to make the dates work. I have only heard great things about it and know I would love it. Teams of two navigate around the city to do various challenges.

Foam Fest RunΒ – Another one on my list but I am actually scared of hurting myself falling with the foam – haha!

Troubled Monk RunΒ (We are running this one!)


BDO Run for Youth

Spartan Race


Mud HeroΒ – We have been doing this race ever since it came to Red Deer and I am SO sad to miss it this year due to being gone for Sea Wheeze. I have ran this race 7 months pregnant & 3 months pregnant and have always had a blast! This race is the largest obstacle race in Alberta with 18+ obstacles over 6km. It isΒ already over 70% sold out so if you are thinking of registering get on it πŸ˜‰

2014/2015/2016 photos:

Chocolate ChaseΒ (We are running this one!)


Harvest RunΒ – Another run I’ve always wanted to do since I love fall running in our city but we always seem to be away this weekend so maybe this year I will stick around for it πŸ™‚

What I love most about these races is that there is something for everyone, no matter your running/fitness level πŸ™‚



Weekend Recap

Oh hi May – you better bring us more sunshine πŸ˜‰ This weekend was great, we were productive but still had a lot of fun time too.


The sun came out so I knew that if it stayed nice I wanted to run in the evening. Once Chloe was in bed I went for a quick 6km run.

I got home and Chad went to watch the hockey game with friends so Avery and I had a movie night, we watched Sing for the 100th time (its her fav). After she went to bed I caught up on our family Mixbook album for 2017 since I had not done any months past January!


My Mom and I went to the craft sale in the morning and met up with my friend, her baby, and Mom. I was super pleased (my wallet was not though…) with the sale and got quite a few things, soup mixes, veggie chips, the cutest dress and fox socks from Mini Street, hair clips & headband for Chloe and a planter for the deck.

The cat in my planter:

Avery in the dress – can I get one in my size?!

Chad took the girls to an indoor playground while we were at the craft sale and they had a ton of fun by the sounds of it. And like a good Instagram husband (ha) he took photos for the blog, well one photo:

In the afternoon we cleaned up the yard and started to wash windows, Avery washed her water table:

Chloe got up from her nap and joined in:

We went out to Famoso for supper with my Mom, all ready to go and looking too cool πŸ˜‰

This one ate pizza and did not get sick!! So hopefully we can add in some more dairy slowly πŸ™‚

On the way home we saw a scary accident right beside us when someone pulled out onto the road and hit another car which then flipped a few times before landing upright. We were the second people to the SUV and thankfully everyone was ok.

Later Chad and I watched La La Land and I loved it – I want to watch it again and that never happens!


It was a nice morning so we went out for a family run – first one in months! We did 9km:

I met my Mom and Grandma for lunch with the girls while Chad stayed home to finish some house and yard work. Both girls fell asleep on my way home so I got them transferred into the house before washing floors and light fixtures – yes, we are in spring cleaning mode πŸ˜‰

I took no photos all day but we made cookies, visited with Chad’s Dad & Step-Mom and looked at a show home we bought tickets for. I wanted to get out to the park but ti started to rain and of course as I type this at 8pm the sun is out and bright πŸ˜‰

Wait I lie, I did take on other photo. Avery in her room, listening to the iPod and playing on the iPad, 3 going on 13 πŸ˜‰


Foodie Friday

This is going to be short and sweet πŸ™‚ Our week was gloomy, we had more snow two mornings in a row and not a whole lot of sun. I took two whole photos:

I bought more books for the girls, yes we have A LOT of books – sorry Chad:

Chloe at least looks ready for spring, now for it to arrive!

Onto meal planning:

Saturday – OUT

Sunday – Tuna Patties (Simply Recipes) & Strawberry Cucumber Spinach Salad (Yay for Food)

Monday – Hawaiian BBQ Pizza on naan bread & salad – Life Made Simple

Tuesday – One Pot Sausage & Mushroom Pasta – Budget Bytes

Wednesday – Quinoa Fried “Rice” – Gimme Some Oven

Thursday – Summer Chicken Wraps andΒ sweet potato fries – Iowa Girl Eats

Friday – Chicken Taco Salad

Our weekend plans involve a craft sale with a friend (while the Dads and kids have a playdate!), supper out, and hopefully some time outside!


Working Mom of Two

I still cannot it has been 3.5 months since I ventured back into working. It feels like weeks, not months. I found going back this time very different than after Avery. After Avery, it was a world of unknowns, a scary one at that but as the days passed we fell into a new groove and life that we all enjoyed a lot. After Chloe I knew what to expect going back to work and it made the whole transition so much easier. But with working full time, being a Mom, a Wife, this blog, running & training for races plus everything else that falls my way there has to be some sacrifices too.

By nature, I am a type A person so letting things “fall to the wayside” is much easier said that done. Those dishes in the sink? Yeah, they do not need to be done, but for my sanity, they actually do and probably right now so the whole letting those little things go in order for me to still have time for my family is hard some days. But with a little work, a whole lot of planning and an awesome side-kick it is all very possible.

So what have I learned in this past few months?

1 – I cannot plan enough. True story. Meal planning, workouts, my lunch hours, grocery shopping…and more. I find planning these things and times to do these things helps us get it all done.

2- I have an awesome husband. I knew this already but without Chad I could not do what I do.

3 – Some days I am too busy to even notice “those dishes in the sink” or whatever might have driven me crazy before. This helps me to let those little things slide πŸ˜‰

4 – Two kids is not twice the work. More like 100x – HA. But I would not change it for the world.

5- Flexibility is key – all the time. Kids get sick, they nap at the wrong hour, they get cranky, life gets busy and so on. I am such a planner that sometimes these last minute changes can really get to me but I am learning to roll with it more as life rarely goes as planned.

6 – Downtime is so important. I try and reserve the last hour of the night to just hang out with Chad, no blogging, no working out, just hanging out which these days means watching TV πŸ˜‰ Hopefully this summer it means sitting outside with a cold drink πŸ˜‰

7 – I am tired… a lot. But that is life right now so I do not dwell on it.

8 – It really does take a village. From my job being flexible, our great dayhome, family and friends. I could not do it without everyone.

I am the first to admit that our days are usually crazy and hectic but I also love them 98% of the time and would not change it for anything. After all, these two little faces make everything worth it:



Weekend Recap

Currently we have snow – again. I am hoping this means we are going to skip straight to summer πŸ˜‰ Spring we miss you!


At lunch I went to a thrift store and found some books for the girls. I am trying to focus on more lesson based books for them now, and found some great ones. Avery has always loved books:

We had a movie night and watched the (old) Disney Beauty and the Beast.


We had plans to go to an outdoor event for Earth Day and even though it was not too nice for it Chloe’s favourite place to play – Avery’s bed:

We had a quiet afternoon, I did housework and made muffins while Chloe napped and Avery played. We ran some errands after Chloe’s nap and that was our day!

This girl is so crazy at meal times, well all the time πŸ˜‰

Later we had friends over to watch the hockey game πŸ™‚


Like every week I said I was going to run outside and then did not…

6 miles on the treadmill instead.

You all should be VERY jealous of this girl’s hair these days..HA

After I tamed it:

Chad had a work thing all afternoon so the girls and I hung out at home, Chloe napped then we headed to the library.

Lunch snack plates are the best:

And I set up these files for the girls to organize artwork and anything I want to keep – all the way up to grade 12! I am such a nerd πŸ˜‰

One of the things I miss about being at home – frequent library trips!

And like that the weekend was over – only a week until May!