Quiet Weekend

This weekend was a pretty low key weekend for us. We had little plans and I saved most of my to do’s for this week since I am on maternity leave now! So crazy to say that…

Friday night we each did our own workouts, made supper and stayed low. Funny side note, it took me and Chad at least 5 minutes to remember what we did Friday night, we thought we did “something” but was not sure what, turns out we researched candidates to vote for in our municipal election today. Oh geesh, we are lame.

Saturday morning we got out of the house later than usual, grabbed Starbucks and ran some errands. We also checked out the Kinsmen Dream Home here since Chad’s Step-Sister’s company built it this year. It is SO nice. Check it out if you are local!

I got in a quick lay down on the couch for about 30 minutes before my friend picked me up to go out to another friend’s house. She was hosting a party with quite a few vendors to stock up or maybe start your Christmas shopping. My Mom was there with her Mary Kay stuff:


Then there was another friend there that sells Epicure, Scentsy, Stella & Dot, PeekaBoo Beans and a local lady that sells all sorts of baby stuff. I had a budget (hello mat leave pay) and managed to only stick to what I needed plus one goodie for Baby K.


Aren’t they the cutest?!

I was home just in time to start supper, however just as a I started to make it I started to get some contractions. Thankfully they only lasted an hour and had no timing, just more pressure and no pain. We are getting close!

After supper we headed to a friend’s for a wing fry – basically where they deep dry chicken wings. I tried one and it was good but deep fried stuff does not sit well with me so I kept it to one.

Sunday was the typical routine, workout, and brunch, pumpkin pancakes:


But then NO house cleaning! Only laundry. Why? Because we finally used a gift card to get Merry Maids to come clean the house this week. I wanted them to do a good deeper clean before baby made her appearance and there is no point cleaning for them to come 2 days later. I do admit though it was hard not cleaning!

In the afternoon/evening we headed to Chad’s Dad to see them before they leave for Hawaii and help them move some stuff – they just sold their house.

I had wanted to leave by 7pm to get a few last things done before my bedtime (9pm) but that did not goes as planned since we starting visiting and time flew by. So once we got home at 8:30pm, all I wanted to do was shower and go to bed. Guess I added a few more thing to my agenda today!

Today I only have a few things on my to do list, Dr appt, lunch with Becky and Amie, a workout, and to start my EI paperwork. Wish me luck that I do not get too bored this week!


How was your weekend?

Chicken wing fan?

I am not really, I find them too messy usually.

10 thoughts on “Quiet Weekend

  1. Alison

    I'm glad you had a nice quiet weekend! Those are my favorite and so needed for you right now – enjoy them! Those baby leggings are too cute!!
    That's awesome you have a cleaner coming!! Now enjoy your maternity leave before baby!!

    1. arunningtale

      Yes they are, however today I was a little stir crazy!
      I know I wanted a pair for her and thought these were pretty darn cute.
      Thank you! I am trying hard to not over do things.

  2. Nicole

    Wow contractions!! I had a weird feeling that you had the baby this weekend. Must have been the false labour!

    Enjoy this week! I'm sure you won't get too bored. If so, you can come to my house and work on the hutch! It's non-toxic and will surely bring on labour!

    I love baby leggings.

    The pumpkin pancakes look so yummy!

    1. arunningtale

      haha, I think the contractions tricked you 😉 I am hoping they mean she will come before November 6th 🙂 I know everyone says not to rush it and enjoy it but I want to hold her and well I am bored. I am sure I will regret saying that later…
      If I was in Calgary I would take you up on that! haha. I am trying to spread out my to do list for the week and don't do well just laying down but will try to relax.

      1. Nicole

        The anticipation towards the end is hard! I wasn't bored but I definitely wanted to see my baby! The problem is that you were too prepared and now you don't have any projects to work on!

          1. Nicole

            Yah I was paranoid A would come early since I didn't go off work until 39 weeks. I just wanted at least a couple days to relax and get a pedicure! I had a few projects that I could work on if I had time but they weren't urgent. I'm sure this baby will come early just because it won't be super convenient and I know I will be rushing to get everything ready at the end!

  3. thebexfactor

    I wish I had a girl for the baby leggings, haha! So cute!

    Thanks for the lunch date today! If you're ever too bored and want to get together again, let me know!


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