Race Day Checklist

Did I ever share about my experience at Phoenix Half in February? Well, if not here it is – on my tenth half marathon I made a rookie mistake and brought NO clothes to wear before the race. After all, it was a race in Phoenix, right?! HA. Well the dessert is cold in the dark (I knew this!) and the race started at 6:30am with the sun coming up about 7am… I am sure everyone knew the Canadian girl in the tank top and shorts freezing her butt off for two hours before the race and for the first bit of the race!

With that I decided to create a race day checklist so this never happens again to me and hopefully all of you!


What have you forgot on a race day?

4 thoughts on “Race Day Checklist

  1. thebexfactor

    Oh man, I'm always so paranoid of forgetting something and tend to overpack my race bag for this reason.

  2. Kelly

    Ha, I could have used this before last weekend! I did a 10K and you'd think after doing how-many-races I'd have the routine down but I forgot/ignored so many things that I know could have made the race better!


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