Race Day Recap!

Happy Monday morning everyone! I officially survived my first full marathon and even kept all my toenails!

Backing up to Saturday night, pre-race supper went un-photographed but it was a brown rice pasta casserole, with tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini and turkey meatballs, on the side garlic toast. Before bed I was snacky and had a handful of trail mix too. My (awesome) friend Meghan came over for supper and even brought me flowers, such a great thoughtful friend. Check these beauties out.

After supper we chilled out and watched Disney’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Then a early bedtime was in order.
Sunday morning the alarm went off at 5:45am and I jolted out of bed. I slept straight through the night and was more than ready to get the show on the road. Pre run breakfast was the usual peanut butter toast and a banana. It was then time to get ready since the race started at 8am, we wanted to leave the house for 7am to meet some friends and do a short warm up.
Before I knew it, it was 8am, we were at the start line and the gun went off. I ran with my good friend (hi Heather!) for the first few km’s before we spilt off. Heather also rocked this marathon, she only started to run for races this year, and went straight to the full marathon – so brave! I love races because of the energy, all the runners, spectators and excitement in general. The first 19km flew by and I felt great. Around 11km I took a short walk break to take my first GU gel – Chocolate Outrage, along with sips of water and Vega Sports Optimizer here and there. At 19km the half marathon’s turned to finish the last 2km’s and the full’s continued with still 23km to go. I won’t lie, I was a tad jealous here! Especially knowing that Chad was probably almost across the finish line of his first ever half marathon and I wasn’t there to see him!
At 21km I crossed a chip mat at 1:53. I knew I had a good pace going but was still trying not to get an expectations, after all my main goal – to finish. But this did excite me, I was on time for a 3:45 full marathon?! I knew 3:45 would not happen since my pace certainly wouldn’t as fast the second half as it was for the first half. At 26km I took my second GU – Strawberry Banana, which I had picked up at a GU station early – I “packed” two GU’s but dropped one early in the race! Oh, and walk breaks at this point – one at 1:40 and then 2:20, both between 30-60 seconds. Around the 30km it started to get really lonely, not only had the runners really thinned out so had the spectators. I actually ran one trail through a wooded area that was about 3-4km and didn’t see a soul! It was after that I decided to make sure I talked to every volunteer, runner, spectator I saw – even if it was just a quick hi! I was lonely! haha. I took my next walk break around 2:50 and decided at that point to start walking every 20 minutes for 30 seconds. By 36km I was tired, but still keep a decent pace of between 5:15-5:35 mins/km. By 38km that pace went to a 5:45. At 40km I saw the final hill of the route and knew I was not running up it. I got a third of the way up and had to stop, my legs weren’t able to do it. There was a girl in front of me (also walking) and competitive Lindsey came out, “Lindsey, run up this hill you have less than 1km to go and you can beat her”. But that didn’t happen, i walked the hill, then ran down and around the corner to the finish line. Here are the photos Chas was busy snapping of me crossing the finish line.
The best part of finishing the race, no not my time, but it was the my friend, Meghan and my Mom were working the finish line! The gave me my medal, made sure I was okay and already had a bottle of water for me cracked and ready 🙂 Even better – my time, 3:51. My (unspoken) goal was under 4 hours. After a few photos with my Mom, they thought it was cute that I ran the race and my Mom volunteered I started to look for Chad. Then I saw him, with my chocolate milk, woot woot! I had some other friends that came to see me cross the finish line but I had to sit – now. I parked myself on the grass where I chugged my chocolate milk and two bottles of water. Soon everyone had joined me 🙂 We hung around the finish line until Heather finished and then we headed to brunch to meet up with a few more friends!
Brunch came at the perfect time, my tummy had settled down from the race and was hungry. I had fruit, lots and lots of fruit, a pancake, french toast and hashbrowns. I was starting to feel full but knew I needed more calories into me and decided to wait a bit to see if I could manage a omelet from the omelet bar. Sure enough, about 30 minutes later, than omelet happened!
Next we headed home to shower and rest. Upon undressing I immediately looked for any war wounds – and only found one chaffing spot on my lower back! Score! For the race I did use a anti-chaffing stick that my awesome co-worker bought me for the race. My quads were quite tight (and still are) so I did some more stretching.
The race results were going to be posted mid afternoon so I was anxious to see my official time and placements. And after seeing the results I officially was on cloud nine. Here there are:
Time: 3:51:29
Chip time: 3:51:19
Overall Placement: 39/161
Gender Placement: 8/76
Division Placement (females 20-29): 2/15 -2nd place! 1st was only 12 seconds ahead of me – ya, remember that girl walking up the hill that I thought to run and beat…she was 1st. Yes, I am kicking myself!
I am beyond thrilled with the results and now know that all my hard work and training paid off. But without all my supportive family and friends this would not have been possible. Thank You! Also, without all the wonderful blogs out there I don’t think I would have been near as knowledgeable on training. So thank you all for the great posts you write daily.
I wasn’t the only runner in our household that did awesome in the race, Chad did too! Chad ran his first half marathon and I could not be more proud of him. His official time was 1:49:36, he placed 132/909 overall and 20/48 in his division. Way to go babe!
Here we are yesterday afternoon, with our shirts and medals – we showered before the photos to look pretty for all of you guys!
Yes, we wore our shirts all day! The rest of the day was spent running some errands (including picking up Venti Starbucks to power us through the afternoon), making supper and then hanging out with friends. On our way home, just before 10pm Chad told me he wanted ice cream. Genius! We both worked so hard and deserved a treat. To DQ we went. We both decided on the Mint Oreo Blizzards. I love DQ’s new mini size, it is the perfect size, especially for me since ice cream doesn’t always sit well in my tummy. We passed out at 11pm.
This morning I woke up at 6am, kind of scared to get out of bed! But with my head hurting a bit (dehydration?) I hobbled out of bed to take a Motrin and then decided to move to the couch to watch TV and relax – oh and ice my quads. I know that I have not torn or injured anything, but am just sore and tight. Chad was a early bird too, so we are now watching  the movie Knight and Day before we head off to the gym. And, no we aren’t crazy we both want to do light cross training (with no resistance) to loosen up our legs.
The rest of the day I had planned to start prepping my garden and finish painting two tables – but both require me to be outside and well it is raining out. So plan B, is to clean, finish laundry, bake Daily Garnish’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins, do a couple sewing projects and then head out to Chad’s birthday supper with my family.
And in case anyone is wondering, I do want to recap my whole marathon experience but need to organize my thoughts first – but hopefully this week I can get that done.
Hope everyone has a great week! Ours is busy – tomorrow is Chad’s 28th birthday, Wednesday we are heading to Chad’s Moms for supper, Thursday I have a spa appointment (my feet need major TLC), Friday is my brothers high school grad and Saturday we are having our friends over for Chads belated birthday party! Whew!

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  1. myhighonlife

    Congrats on becoming a MARATHONER! Such an inspiration. I'm itching to do my first full but have to wait until next spring (I'm battling an issue with my left calf). That's a great time for a first marathon, you rock!! & good call on that venti starbucks. Favorite place ever 🙂


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