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As I sit here 34 weeks pregnant all I can think of is running. I mean, I am “running” these days but as you can all imagine it is not a true run. To say I am ready to be running again is an understatement, but sadly that is about 2.5 months away due to my c-section recovery time. But in the mean time I can still talk and dream about running and races πŸ™‚

In no specific order here is my race bucket list:

1 – Disneyland Half Marathon AGAIN. We ran this race in 2011 and hands down it was the best experience ever, worth every penny. I had planned to run it this year but with the dollar not being great I cannot justify the exchange. But we both have agreed we will be back to run it again.

Disneyland Marathon

2 – Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon. I have heard only great things about this race and course. I was SO close to registering for it a couple years ago but other plans got in the way. We love Victoria, and being that it is in Canada I am hoping I can get to this race within the next two years.

3 – Phoenix Marathon.Β For years we made an annual trip to Arizona since my in-laws are snow-birds but the last two years life has got in the way so we have not made it south. We love going down there and have a ton of family so it is only fitting I make this race happen. Our plan is to go next year and this race is at the end of February when we usually travel there so maybe this will be my 2017 race!

Last Phoenix trip, Avery was only 3,5 months old!


4 – TCS New York City Marathon.Β Probably the longest shot of them all, between the distance to NYC, the cost and ability to get a spot in this race but it is a still on my list. I think the experience alone would make it amazing and NYC is pretty awesome too πŸ˜‰

5- Rock n Roll Marathon Series.Β No specific location but these races look like a blast! I am all about the experience when travelling for a race and keeping it fun. I think I could even convince Chad to do one of these with me!


What is on your race bucket list?


11 thoughts on “Races – Bucket List

  1. Jen

    One recommendation I have for Phoenix would be run the Rock n' Roll Phoenix over the phoenix marathon. It's usually end of January. The course is supposed to be a lot more scenic. Plus then you check off two bucket lists at once!

    1. arunningtale

      I thought about that one BUT for 2017 it won't work out for us since I am just back to work early January (probably should not leave a couple weeks later!) and my in-laws usually travel end of January so they would not be ni AZ πŸ™

  2. Kelly

    Yes! Let's meet up at Disney! πŸ™‚ All I could think about when I was pregnant last year was my 2016 (and 2017!) race schedule and all my someday races. I didn't mention it in my post but NYC is also one of mine. I got a spot in the lottery in 2007 but wasn't able to do it. And Boston! (Ha – I wish!) I've done the Rock N Roll in Denver several times and in Savannah once – They are really fun races and very well organized.

  3. thebexfactor

    Fun list! I think if anything, I would choose a Disney race or Rock n Roll. You know me, I'm not a distance runner (yet) so I have no ambitions to run anything specific.


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