Rain and Shine

Did everyone enjoy the last weekend in July?

Usually this weekend is smoking hot around here but not this year. We had on and off rain both days but did see some sun and got out to enjoy it.

Friday Chad’s work which is next door to mine had a BBQ lunch and fundraiser for the Alberta floods. Each department had someone volunteer to go in the dunk tank and of course Chad volunteered. It was $5 to throw a ball and dunk him. He went down quite a few times:


Friday night we were party animals, went to the gym, had supper, made a quick trip to Rona for sanding supplies and then sanded the dresser more…crazy, right?

Saturday morning we hit the market since we had not been in two weeks and might not get there the next two. I needed (yes needed) french toast balls and figured they might be my last treat for a couple days since my lovely glucose test is this morning. After the market we ran some errands and I fell in love with this little stuffed fox at Chapters..

woodland fox

So stickin cute and would match Baby K’s room but I resisted. Look at the tail too! Love the look of it.

After lunch we decided to go to Centrefest with my Mom, as soon as we got there we realized we might not last long, it was so windy and the clouds were rolling in. Check out this guy riding a t-rex Winking smile

2013-07-27 12.47.01

He was making his way to safety, guess dino’s are not fans of the wind either…

We got in one show before the rain came, luckily we were beside a cafe and escaped  in there for tea to wait it out. After and hour it had not stopped so we went home. Of course as soon as we got home, sun and blue skies!

We did some stuff around home, more dresser work, painting and baby laundry (our lives revolve around baby stuff these days) we thought we would head back downtown for supper and to watch another performer or so. After having a bit to eat we watched one last performer. The tricks are always okay but their humour is always SO funny. I die laughing at every one.

This guy’s end trick was to get out of a straight coat while also wrapped in 75’ of chain:

2013-07-27 19.20.09

And he did it!

My Mom and Chad wanted to go for a drink at a little back lounge called the Velvet Olive so we did just that afterward and headed home about 9pm.

Yesterday we did the usual Sunday morning routine, gym followed by brunch. We have had this routine for a long time now, and even the guy that works at the gym told us today we are the most consistent couple ever. Lol.

Breakfast was a new to us recipe, Fluffy Summer Vegetable Pancakes from Daily Garnish. They had shredded carrot and zucchini and raisins.


A winner for sure!

In the afternoon we went over to my Mom’s to give her a gift and some treats since it was her BIRTHDAY! Then we walked over to the forest by her house to pick Saskatoon berries – Chad’s favorite.


We hit the jackpot in a couple places and only had to leave since a storm was coming in.

Mom and Chad picking:

2013-07-28 14.48.59

Once we got home we were both hungry so decided on an early supper:

2013-07-28 16.34.50

Southwestern Black Bean and Quinoa Casserole which left me stuffed. I am finding that I get full really easy now and just do not have a huge appetite most days. I am sure this will change eventually though!

The rest of the day was spent prepping blog posts for while I am away on holidays next week (ONE week!!), more dresser prep, laundry and TV show watching.


Do you like Saskatoons?

Many people have never heard of them since I think they only grow in parts of Canada. I do not mind them, but they are not my favorite unlike Chad. I might have to make him a pie or crumble with them.

5 thoughts on “Rain and Shine

  1. Leigh

    Sounds like you had a great weekend! The weather wasn't fantastic here either…well Saturday wasn't bad. I've never tried saskatoon berries

  2. Destini

    I only like saskatoons in pie. And even then it wouldn't be my first pick ahaha

    Sounds like a great weekend. I really wish George volunteered for something which I could dunk him. Sounds like fun! hhaahaha


    1. arunningtale

      Seems to be how most people like them. I will eat some fresh and Chad uses them in smoothies.
      I did not even dunk him! So nice, right? Well more selfish since I cannot throw and did not feel like being embarrassed 😉


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