Sea Wheeze Weekend

I cannot believe a weekend that I waited 9 months for has come and gone! I have to say that the weekend lived up to the hype and Lululemon puts on one heck of a time! It was also our first adult vacay in almost 4 years – yikes! We got to enjoy a lot of things we rarely do and it was nice to not play mom and dad for a few days but we were also ready to come home to the girls by day 4.


We dropped the girls off and headed to the airport, we had a good flight and once we got there we waited for Becky and Brie to arrive since they were just after us.

Our first stop was Yaletown Brewery for food and drinks – we spent a fair amount of time in pubs all weekend 😉

Chad’s flight.

We walked to the townhouse we rented with two other couples after drinks. Chad loved this chair:

Later on we ventured out for supper and ended up at Milestones then wandered around before calling it a night.

It was quite smokey that night!


As soon as we were up and ready and we all headed to the Sea Wheeze race package pick up. I have to admit the line up made me less than impressed BUT they moved fast – we waited maybe 15 minutes in line and were in and out in no time! We got a Lululemon cinch bag as part of the race package, some Nuun plus a ton of other goodies that were being handed out outside.

There was three yoga sessions that day as well, we never joined into any that day but lots did!

We got the best tattoos ever – Banamaste 😉

We hung around until it was time for lunch – Becky arranged for everyone we knew coming to the race to have lunch – 18 of us total! Of course we forgot a group photo!

In the afternoon we headed to Granville Island, checked out the market, and enjoyed gelato – since I was not drinking that day mojito gelato did the trick 😉

We opted to make a pasta supper at the house that night which was perfect for an early bedtime for race day 🙂


RACE DAY!! I will do a race recap tomorrow 😉

After showering we all took the ferry to North Vancouver for the afternoon to check out a market there – seriously, I never knew a city could have so many markets!

And of course we stopped for drinks before catching the ferry back 😉 Becky, Chad and I wanted to go to the Sunset Festival so we took a shuttle over to that area – the shuttle was fast to get on and off but the traffic on the way there was SO slow! We did finally arrive though, got drinks and food and a spot for yoga.

It was an hour of yoga that I semi did while enjoying my drink 😉

We had planned to stay for the concert but we were all tired so after checking everything out and hearing some songs we jumped on a shuttle to call it a night.

I have to say that hands down everything that Lululemon planned this weekend was amazing and so well planned. 10,000 runners PLUS spectators is a heck of a lot of people to organize and please. So while there were minor hiccups I am still more than impressed and they treat their people good!


A fairly uneventful day! I was ready to get home to the girls so of course the day felt very long. But we were so lucky to have Chad’s Dad and Step-Mom hanging out withe the girls all weekend and they spoiled them with beach trips, play dates with their cousins, basement camp outs, and

I am not hit with reality that the weekend is over, summer is almost over and today is back to work!



9 thoughts on “Sea Wheeze Weekend

  1. Amber

    Sounds like such an awesome weekend! They really do put on a big party for Seawheeze don't they. Maybe one day I will do that race. It would be a fun one to do with a group of girlfriends!

  2. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Such a great weekend! Thanks again for all your help at the airport when we arrived 🙂 My only regret is that I didn't take more photos! I have like none of me with any of you 🙁

  3. Alison

    What a fun weekend away!! They sure do put on a great event! Plus I am glad you guys got your first weekend away under your belt!


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