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Hi Everyone!

Thanks for all the well wishes from yesterday’s post, me and baby are a-okay and I am a lot less sore than I thought I might be. I even made it to the gym today. I wanted to run since I missed last week’s run but seeing as even walking fast kinda hurts I settled on the elliptical. I was fine on the elliptical and moved onto my chest and tricep workout. When I went to lie down on the bench to do chest exercises I realized how sore my back end still was! Ouch.

Supper was a new to us recipe, Mexican Black Bean Pizza. I have made variations on this before and used the recipe more as a idea to create our own:


Lately I have been loving online shopping, probably too much according to Chad. All my purchases have been around new clothes for my growing bump and Baby K. I have a few favorite sites, Zulily and Pink Blush Maternity.  I have bought quite a bit from both sites and so far been happy. I have a more formal review of Pink Blush coming soon so today wanted to talk about Zulily. The site has daily deals for Mom, baby and kids at really good prices and shipping is usually a flat $10 from everything I have seen.

Yesterday I received three orders from Zulily, one being stuff from Pink Blush. It just happened I ordered a couple items through this site – the price was not different. Anyways, I ordered to items, one tunic and one maxi dress. I loved them both online and still did once I opened my package. Since they say to order your pre-pregnancy size I ordered small’s in both. The tunic fit perfectly.  It is fitted but not too tight in my opinion:


My tights are maternity tights (BEST purchase ever) from Target.

The maxi dress, however was a no go L It just did not fit. Not even with alterations would it fit. Basically the straps are too long which makes it cut half down my chest, and because of how the straps are designed there is no way to shorten them. I tried a tank under but because of the empire waist and elastic is looks funny. This was the only photo I could find of it online.


I know Zulily typically does not take returns, which I understand. Being a third party distributor they do not keep stock and probably do not want to figure out logistics around returning items to different companies. I thought I’d email them anyways and see what they said. I explained the situation and waited to hear a response. Only a few hours later I got my response. They completely understood and while they do not take returns (for above reasons) they want their customers to be happy so what they could do is give me a Zulily credit for the price of the dress for my next purchase. I was over the moon happy and pleased with this. I would have ordered more regardless since we have scored some great deal on the site and now I will check their site even more.

I had to share that story since some days I feel like there is no great customer service stories out there now, especially in the online shopping sector.


When was the last time you had a stand out customer service experience?

6 thoughts on “Shop Here

  1. Leigh

    Love the tunic that you bought! That sucks that the dress didn't fit, but so awesome they offered you a credit. That's great customer service! Do you have a taller pregnant friend who could wear that dress?

  2. Alison

    Cute tunic!! Looks great on you!! That sucks about the dress but that's great customer service! Love the dress though – must have missed it! I so badly want to place another Pink Blush order!! ha ha I love my Old Navy maternity leggings! So comfy! Glad you aren't too sore.

    1. arunningtale

      Thanks! I took another look at my dress and it is not that one. Lol but same pattern just a different top. I know me too, I love Pink Blush, way better than stuff we can buy here.

  3. Nicole

    This is why I hate ordering clothes online unless there is an excellent return policy. Things don't fit more often than not for me. Hmmm I know you said there is no way to shorten the straps but could you just cut them and have a seam at the top of your shoulder? I don't think that would look bad at all but maybe you have thought of this already…

    So glad that Zulily was helpful with your situation. I signed up for their emails but never bought anything. Everyone scores these great deals but I've never found anything that I HAVE to have!

    1. arunningtale

      That is something I never thought of. I have a friend who I might see if it fits her. I was pretty sad when it did not fit. And do not understand to people really vary in length from their shoulders to chest that much? haha
      Yeah, I have ordered cloth diapers from there, cause of the price – they are almost $10 cheaper than stores and then just those two clothing items for me.


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