Snackin’ – Road Trip Style

Happy Friday! It is a even better Friday than usual… long weekend ahead and its still summer, so everyone better enjoy it 😉

No Foodie Friday today because in two days we are off for the week to the west coast. I have never been to the west coast of Canada or Vancouver island so I am really excited. Not to brag or anything but our place in Tofino is waterfront, so each morning I think we will enjoy coffee on the patio.

I did want to talk about food today, road trip style though. We have done our fair share of road trips and maybe it was the way my Mom was when we were younger but we always had a cooler of snacks on hand no matter what. Probably important with 3 little kids in a vehicle! That habit wore off on me and any drive over 2 hours you can bet we have snacks on board.

The key with road trip snacks:

– Easy

– Not messy

– Still healthy

– Possibly not needing to be kept cool

Those are my top ones anyways. Saying that we usually do have a soft cooler packed for longer trips with ice packs. On our longer trips we’d pack a full sized cooler, buy food at groceries stores and store it all in there so save money no eating out as much.

On a road trip like this one, 6 days in length and where we will stay in a place for more than a night I focus on bringing food for meals and snacks on the road – also saves time not stopping to eat.

Here are some of my favorites for road trips:

– PB&J sandwiches – not fancy but they work

– Veggies and hummus – would not be the best for kids but we can keep the mess down 😉

– Protein and Granola bars

– Baking – healthy cookies, muffins, energy balls etc. – Again, probably too messy for kids but not for adults

– Nuts and dried fruit or trail mix

– Fruit. – Can be tricky since you’ll need a bag to toss the peel or core in. Usually we bring apples or bananas.

– Cheese and crackers – Cheese would need to be kept in a cooler

– Hydration – water, coconut water or sports drinks are my favorite to stay hydrated 🙂

In other REALLY exciting news, I am off to meet a blog buddy tomorrow, Desinti from The Healthy Wife. While it feel like we have met and have talked for probably two years now via blogs and emails we have never actually met, silly province in between us 😉 I am pretty excited since we have been planning this date for a long time now.

I will be in and out from the blog next week, have a few posts ready for you but probably won’t be back for a holiday update till next weekend 🙂


What is your favorite road trip snack?


2 thoughts on “Snackin’ – Road Trip Style

  1. Pam

    Have a fun trip! BC is beautiful although I have never been to Tofino and would love to go there too! Enjoy the beach – I don't think there is anything more relaxing…

  2. jessielovestorun

    Enjoy your getaway vacation this week. I'm sure you & the man will have an absolute best.

    Favorite road trip snack: Apples & veggie sandwiches/wraps


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