Spring Loves

So while the first day of Spring is not for another 6 days I am in full out Spring mode. Oue weather has been much better (knock on wood), I want to do all the spring cleaning and the extra daylight hours in the evening make me too darn happy.


A few other things I am loving:

Trader Joes Matcha Tea Latte mix –ย I was introduced to this on holidays and now sad I did not buy more to come home with me!

Spring & Easter decor – I wish I had more, but alas less is more, right?? Anyways, we put up the few things we do have and it has me excited for Easter in a couple weeks!

Having fresh flowers in the house is my favourite!

Collagen – I added this into my diet a couple months ago and love it. Not only does it help your skin, hair and nails but also your joint health –> why I started taking it in marathon training! I had a noticeable difference in join aches after using it regularly. I have this flavoured one as well as a plain one we put in our morning coffee.

Masks –ย After holidays my skin was so dry and uneven from the sun I decided to try a couple masks and might be addicted now! I have to admit the sheet masks are not my thing but I really like the yes to masks.

New (to me) workouts – I have looked at Kayla Itsines workouts for awhile now and finally signed up for a trial. I am not sure I will continue yet but love how the program is designed so far. I am actually ready to get back into other workouts and take a running break for the next 6 weeks.

Easter crafts –ย Michaels pre-packaged crafts are usually my go to for holidays but a friend told me about these eggs a few years ago that makes it easier for kids to decorate! Egg decorating isย  MUST do for me!


8 thoughts on “Spring Loves

  1. Becky

    Are those eggs from Superstore? I need to get on Easter stuff for Liam soon!!

    I also love having fresh flowers. Tulip season is my favourite and I grab a bundle every time I get groceries.

  2. Alison

    So many things to be loving!! Those eggs are the best for sure. And I do like Kayla's workout too, I used to do them with Jolie at the lake. I keep seeing all this stuff on collagen, I just haven't seen it anywhere to grab some and try but flavore din my coffee sounds great!

  3. Leigh

    Wal-Mart has those eggs too for $1.98! I found some this year that are chalkboard and you can colour them with chalk. Kept Amelia entertained for a while


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