Stay-Cation Update

Happy hump day! Like any holiday this week is flying by. I feel like we have not done much but it has been nice to have the time off with not too much to do. Though our to do list is pretty long!

Monday was not the nicest day out so we tried to amuse ourselves inside. 100 activities and a too short nap after and I swear Avery was still bored. We decided to check out the new Treehouse Play Centre that is right by our house first thing in the morning. I have to say for $8, plus the free coffee they had it won us over. You could spend hours there! And you can come back all day for the $8. I did not get too many photos since carrying a phone through tunnels is not the easiest task.


We came home for Avery to nap, and her trend of a hour plus a little nap continued. Sigh. The rest of Monday was spent hanging our gallery wall (thanks Chad!), Skyping with a friend, a chiropractor appointment and trying to keep a tired toddler busy.

She loved Play-doh!


“Mess free painting” which is all a lie, it is not mess free.


Tuesday the weather was a bit nicer, but it was no lay out in the sun or beach day. After our morning workouts (I broke a 25 minute 5km!) we ventured out on a walk and to a nearby park.

Oh but before we played in the sink, this might be Avery’s favourite past time:


Her running away (second pic) to the outdoor gym, because it is more fun than the playground meant for kids.



Insert another TOO short nap here. Then we went to see my Mom since it was her birthday, and treated her to coffee at Cool Beans. We had a few other things to do that afternoon and before we knew it it was supper time!

Playing with chalk before supper:


Checking out her new fall order from Old Navy turned into stuff all the things in the hoodie and put on what shoes. Weird toddlers.


I thought we might go to the zoo today but the weather is once again iffy so we are postponing it until tomorrow. Instead we went for a bike ride this morning to a park. Avery fell asleep on the way home so I thought we could transfer her into the house. But she had other plans!

She is OBSESSED with her helmet. She wore it all morning until we left.



When I was doing this post I realized there is no photos of me. FAIL. Must get better at that the rest of our stay-cation!

The next few days are going to be hotter so we are planning to go to the zoo and the beach Smile


12 thoughts on “Stay-Cation Update

  1. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Haha I'm scared to let sully play in the sink because I'm pretty sure that's all he will want to do. Yesterday I spent an hour refilling up his watering can just so he could dump it on his feet on the back deck lol. That indoor playground place sounds great! Free coffee is always nice 😉 Have a great rest of your staycation!

  2. Alison

    Sounds like a great week so far. Ok I am glad we aren't the only ones who make a huge mess with mess free painting!! We have a play place like that and it's awesome but the coffee isn't free!! Nice find! I love staycations. I hope tomorrow is a nice day for you guys to hit up the zoo!

  3. thebexfactor

    Oh I thought Tree house was like $20?! Happy to hear it's only 8, that is much more reasonable. We will be checking it out for sure.

    I'm happy the weather is getting better but now Liam's battling another sinus thing so I really hope it clears up so we can enjoy part of the weekend at least 🙁

  4. Ambergwtrh

    I don't know why but all your new posts are not showing up in my feedly anymore! I even resubscribed! Has anyone else had this problem??

    LOVE Avery's adorable little helmet. That is so funny she wanted to wear it everywhere!


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