Stocking Stuffer Ideas (for the whole family!)

Growing up the stockings was always my favourite part of Christmas morning. My Mom always killed it with our stockings and dare I say they sometimes were better than our gifts?! Okay not quite but close.


Now shopping for stocking stuffers is my favourite but it can also be very hard for certain people (cough, cough Chad). I also try *hard* to stay within an acceptable budget as it is easy to get carried away fast with stocking stuffers I find.

I have put together a list of some items I have bought my family for their stockings – yes, this is your warning family – stop reading now – and some of my favourites when it comes to stocking stuffers.

For her

Live Clean products – from bubble bath, shampoo, hand soap and more you cannot go wrong with these products in stockings. Β All these products are environmentally friendly, natural and plant based! My current favourite is their Vanilla Peppermint hand soap:


Tea – I love all the seasonal teas but this sweet green tea is my favourite and I have to hunt for it!


Slippers/socks or anything cozy for the feet. I almost always receive and gift these in stockings. I picked up these at Costco this year:


Chocolate – Okay, this is really under the anyone category and a must have in my opinion but I always try and find something a little different, either a new brand or a seasonal special.


For him

Live Clean Men’s shampooΒ – Chad has been using this for months and loves it so naturally he needed more in his stocking this year.


Gift cards – iTunes, PlayStatation, liquor stores/local breweries – another easy idea to please the guy(s) in your life!

Socks & underwear – I am the only one that swears men never buy these themselves? Good thing because it makes for an easy and needed stocking stuffer!

Magazine – I love going to Chapters since they have a ton of specialty magazines and one for every guy!

Specialty snacks – this is anything he might like but does not buy regularly, protein bars, coconut chips or performance snacks. With marathon training in swing Chad will be seeing some Clif products in his stocking:


For the kids

Books! I had to limit myself to only a few per girl but they are a stocking necessity. One of our favourite authors is Karen Katz so Chloe is getting this one in her stocking:


Snacks. I try to keep it healthy for the kids, so puffs for Chloe it is! Avery will get one chocolate item in her stocking.

Small toys – I really try to stay away from toys in stockings but or Chloe options are limited so I picked up this ball for her:


Small shop products – I love supporting small shops! I actually bought these felt donuts for the girls and then won some as well, I know they will be a great addition to the play kitchen:


Bath products – these can be needed items or fun items, I am doing a mix of both for the girls. Avery is getting bubble bath (a need in her life!) and this kid friendly nail polish set since she has to always have her nails done :



What do you like to see in your stocking?

9 thoughts on “Stocking Stuffer Ideas (for the whole family!)

  1. Karen

    Our family has always been big on stockings, too, and we carry this over to our son now! Brad is also a little challenged in this area and has been known to substitute my stocking with a pricey box of Bernard Callebaut – an awesome gift but definitely missing the point of stockings. LOL!

    Other ideas for stockings that are go-to for me:

    *Mittens and touques
    *Play Doh
    *Pre-K/Kindergarten activity books
    *Gadgets – like an LED flashlight or small tools
    *It's tradition to get some Happy Hippo bath products
    *Fun socks – like those you can find at places like Sunworks
    *Coffee Pods – If you have a Keurig or Tassimo
    *Epicure Products πŸ˜‰ Pudding, gingerbread spices, chai seasoning, teas, etc., or spatulas, ladels.

    And every stocking always has to have a mandarin in the toe. Not sure why but it's been that way since I was really little. πŸ™‚

  2. Kelly

    Ooh, These are really fun ideas. I admit – I bought our Christmas stockings last year but didn't fill them and I'm not doing it this year either. But, I do remember how fun the stockings were growing up – I remember a couple times that we forgot about them until later in the day and it was such a great bonus surprise – So I should probably up my game, for the kids, at least, next year.
    Karen Katz was one of Swede's favorites too! Abel is just now getting into books, I think he will like her lift-the-flap ones.

    1. arunningtale

      What?! haha. It is the first thing we open, and even though me and my brothers are all adults my Mom still does ours haha.
      C loves anything with different textures or flaps.

  3. thebexfactor

    Great ideas – you need to stop posting about Live Clean though because I get all excited about new things and then can never find them!!! Hahaha I was trying to find the holiday soaps and more of the kids soap but neither Superstore or Walmart had them.

  4. Nicole

    What's the nail polish brand? I usually put toothbrushes and tooth paste for the kids. And hair clips! And dreaded play doh!

    Guys are so hard!!

    Stockings are my favourite for sure!

  5. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    I love stocking stuffers too! We always wrap each item individually so it's more fun and takes longer to open. But, I agree, it can definitely get out of hand, price wise, quickly if you aren't careful! Sometimes in the past we've noticed how easy it is to spend $100 just on stocking stuffers! Practical items are what we go for for sure – shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, etc. And we always had a mandarin orange in ours growing up!


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