Sun & Sand – Maui Update


We are currently enjoying the sun and sand in Maui…oh and the humidity – which is killer. I wanted to pop in and give a quick trip update!

About what I think of the humidity…


We arrived here late Monday night after a LONG day of travel. Our plane in San Francisco ended up delayed so the 1.5 hour lay over turned into 4 hours and then we sat on the plane not moving for another 2 hours… and then our flight was 5 hours. Avery was trying at time but who can blame her!

Tuesday we spent the day exploring. Our condo in Kihei is the perfect location, we are right across from a beautiful beach with ocean views from our deck. The only downside to the beach is that it is not swimming friendly for Avery or me for that matter with quite a few waves.

20150915_071504 20150915_072249

We also checked out “Big Beach” which was super windy at the time so just took some photos:

IMG_6603 IMG_6607

Wednesday morning we spent some time at the beach and then we headed out of town to the Surfing Goat Dairy Farm, Avery loves goats so we thought it was fitting. It was a pretty cool tour, and we got to sample their amazing goat cheese and truffles!



IMG_6595 20150916_140856 IMG_6637

Later that day we had the BEST fish and chips ever, at a place called Maui Fish and Chips in Kihei.


Wednesday must have been an eating day since we also had our first shaved ice!


We manged to catch the perfect sunset that night after supper:

20150916_181725 20150916_181857

Thursday morning we took our time and hung around Kihei and then after Avery had her nap we left to the  Maui Ocean Centre. A must do! It was the best aquarium I have been to!

IMG_6657 IMG_6663 IMG_6654


Avery LOVED it here as well. Which was nice since she has been out of sorts a bit not being at home in her routine.

We decided to venture further north after the aquarium and ended up in Llhaina at Whaler’s Village. I loved this area! It was a ocean front street filled with shops.


We spent some time shopping, and then decided to have supper there as well, this was our view:


I have to say I have been very impressed with all the food, service and prices here so far as well!

With the time change we have all been up early and going to bed late, oh and I caught a cold! Gah. Today we are heading out to find some new and hopefully calmer beaches!


7 thoughts on “Sun & Sand – Maui Update

  1. thebexfactor

    Looks amazing! So jealous! I've done Honolulu twice and think that Maui needs to be my next Hawaiian destination. Enjoy the rest! Can't wait for another update.

  2. P. Jeanne

    Love the photos!!! So glad you guys are having a great time 🙂 A is such a trooper, I think I would have been pretty grumpy on the way there too 😉 Enjoy of the rest of your time there and hope you feel better soon <3

  3. Ambergwtrh

    I don't know if you guys are still there or not (or if you will get this comment) but I would definitely recommend continuing past Lahaina to the Napili Bay area! Napili Bay Beach is the beach our condo was on when we went and it's a very swimmable and kid friendly beach with small waves since it's in the bay! Kapalua Bay is also a gorgeous beach and is just up the road from Napili Bay!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. I cannot wait to go back to Maui one day. LOVED it there so much!

  4. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Oh wow, looks amazing!! I'm just a *little* bit jealous over here 😉 Sucks about the travel delays tho! Those are bad enough even when you don't have a toddler with you! Your pictures are awesome, can't wait to keep seeing more!


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