Super Spartan Recap

What an exciting weekend we had over here. September is a crazy month for us but it is all super fun things.

Friday night there was nothing to report, a low key night at home. Which is what we both needed.

Saturday morning we got up and got Chad ready for the Super Spartan Race. We had both signed up for it in February and well the next day I found out I was pregnant. Talk about timing. Anyways, at almost 8 months pregnant I knew it was not a good idea to run a 13km obstacle/mud race. Instead a friend bought my bib, and me and my Mom went to cheer them on.

The race registration area was insanely packed and the entire neighbourhood around the race was too by 9am. At the time I did not realize this but heats started at 8am and the last heat was 12:30pm so we were actually right in the middle of the busiest time (10:30am). Once all checked in I took a pic of the Spartans:


They took off at 10:30am and we decided to walk the course to take photos. We found a mud pit obstacle around 3/4 of the way through and figured it’d be a good one to wait at.


One guy was dressed as a Spartan!


After being there a while Becky, Chad and some other friends came through:




About 10 minutes after we saw Chad we decided to head back to the finish line to catch him there and take photos of him at the last 2 obstacles. I think we were back about 30 minutes after we saw him. Calculating out his time meant we should see him within 15-30 minutes. HOWEVER, he dominated the last bit and I walked over to see him already done and watching!! Ack. I was pretty disappointed. He finished in 1:30, pretty darn good!

Last obstacle – rope climb out of mud looked tough!


His after photos:



Still bummed I did not get ant more picture of him on course I went back to watch for other friends. I caught a few more of Becky and other people right at the end.

Since the weather was not too great –overcast and semi-raining- we did not stick around much and went to a friends house near by for the Spartans to wash off before heading home.

The rest of the afternoon was spent running errands – I now remember why we never go to Costco after 10am on a weekend…Chad was pretty tired by the time we got home and decided he’d take it easy for the night. I had some friends going for supper at Earls so decided to meet up with them. I was not sure if I would last long since I am battling a cold still. However it was good to get out for a bit Smile

Yesterday was Baby K’s Baby Shower!!! I think it deserves a post on its own though so stay tuned for that tomorrow…


Ever miss anyone at a finish line your had been waiting for?

How was your weekend?

8 thoughts on “Super Spartan Recap

  1. Nicole

    That race looks like so much fun! That's too bad that you missed Chad at the finish line. I always miss people at the finish line but it's more because it's too congested then from not getting there soon enough. It's disappointing for sure.

    I hate Costco on the weekends! Actually I usually hate the gongshow at Costco. If you go when it's quiet you still have to wait forever since they only have a couple registers open. I really need to go but keep putting it off since I find it stressful. Plus I spend way too much money!

    Looking forward to the shower recap! I bet Baby K was spoiled!

    1. arunningtale

      I was pretty bummed. He did not care, or at least said he didn't so that was good.
      I know it was insane, we were lucky with a short line up but all the people annnoy me.
      She sure was!

  2. thebexfactor

    Haha I'm still a little ashamed that Chad passed me. Oh well.

    There's like ZERO photos from this one which is really disappointing.


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