Three Things Thursday

Just some random thoughts to share today:

1- As much as I wish I had more posts to share with you all these days I just don’t. But I kinda like it too. I promised myself less pressure this summer to blog and so far have done good. If I have things to share great, if not – great too! I love using this blog as a way to look back so weekend recaps are important to keep up for me and well Foodie Friday is a no brainer 😉

2 – This week my favourite week of the summer because it is the local fair. It really is 5 days of fun, pancake breakfasts, BBQ lunches, the parade, fair, concerts and more. You bet we are going to everything we can!

We enjoyed the parade yesterday morning:

Trying to get a photo before the parade:



3 – I have not had any running injuries/pains in over 7 years and Sunday’s long run did me in. I woke up Monday limping with a pain on my outer knee. I got into my chiropractor that afternoon and he said my tibia was rotated so adjusted it and I had almost instant relief – along with taking the day off from running and ice on and off I was good Tuesday 🙂 Phew – less than three weeks until Sea Wheeze!


What is your favourite thing about fair week?

7 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. thebexfactor

    It's hard keeping up with blogging in the summer time, reading and writing!

    Glad the girls had fun at the parade AND that you're feeling better!

  2. Ambergwtrh

    Oh no – take care of that injury!! Glad that a quick trip to the chiro helped. I am also trying to put less pressure on myself to blog. I blogged 3 times this week which has to be like a record for me! haha


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