It is no secret that we love to travel! We have been very lucky to do our fair share of travelling over the past 6 years and have crossed off many places to go on our list. But we still have tons more to go!

On our (current) wish list of places to go:

– Spain/Italy/Greece

– Belize

Past Trips (some were pre-blog so no recaps but I added a few photos for those!)

Vancouver Island – Summer 2014, recap here.

Arizona – We have been going yearly since 2008 since we have family there, read the recaps here and here. 2014 trip.

California Road Trip (Aug-Sept 2011) – We spent time in Portland, San Francisco, Carmel, Anaheim , Las Vegas and Idaho Falls and drove all 2600km! Recap here

Caribbean Cruise to St. Thomas, St. Maarten, and the Bahamas (Honeymoon January 2011) – Recaps 1, 2, 3

Costa Rica (April 2010) – We traveled there for one of my best friend’s wedding and had the time of our lives! I cannot wait to go back.




Las Vegas – December 2008 & September 2011

las vegas 2008

Miami (Honeymoon January 2001) – Recap here

New York (December 2012) – Recap here

Shuswap Lake, BC – Back from 2003-2007 this was our summer vacation of choice, a week on a houseboat with friends or family and many GREAT memories made!


Seattle (August 2010)

Tofino (Vancouver Island) August 2013

A week long road trip to the island for our first time! Recap here.

We also love to travel in our own beautiful province of Alberta. This means many trips to Canmore, Banff, and all the other beautiful places!

Maui – September 2015


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