Troubled Monk 10km Race Recap

On Saturday we ran our first race of the year. It was both our first race since September and my first one post Chloe. Initially I had planned to get my Mom to watch the girls for the race and just Chad and I would run it but she got called for a long awaited surgery for the day before so we just brought the girls on the run with us! I think we were the only ones in the 10km run with a stroller.

On our way to the race:


I liked that the race started at 10am so we did not have to rush in the morning. The race started close to the brewery and there was a ton of parking which was nice. We had a ton of friends running as well so we chatted with everyone until it was go time. The 5km race started 5 minutes before the 10km race so once they were off we lined up.

I am sure we looked nuts going close to the start with the double stroller.

The race route was great, it went along the river and through parts of our trail system. Chad started pushing the stroller and pushed until around 4.5km. Chloe usually does really good in the stroller but around 4km she got really grumpy so we made a pit stop at the water station and tried to settle her but she was not happy. I grabbed the stroller and just started running and within minutes she was out. We joked she just wanted to go faster 😉

I pushed the stroller for the next 1.5-2km which went around a small island that was gravel paths, with a few small hills which made me really tired so I passed if off to Chad. Little did I know I did so right before a huge hill – oops! He got us up the hill – there was no way I would have been able to! I took the stroller back at that point to give him a break the last 2km.  Not realizing it I picked up our pace a lot to around a 5:20min/km and Chad asked why – my response? I am thirsty and hot!

It was downhill at the very end of the race which I did not like with the stroller as it really pulls you, but usually ending a race downhill is awesome!

I semi felt bad pushing the stroller across the finish line since Chad probably did push it for 6km and I did 4km, next race he can have that victory 😉 We finished just under our goal of an hour at 59 minutes!

Most of our friends were done since they ran the 5km and the few others that did the 10km finished within a few minutes of us. We eventually headed back to the area where they had live music and drinks. With your race entry you got a t-shirt (seen on Chad below – will run for beer!) and a coupon for a free beer or soda after. I had a soda and Chad went with the beer of course.


It was awesome to have a live band after for everyone to stick around and enjoy their drinks in the sun. We stayed for about an hour before Chloe was hungry then walked back to the truck – which was only a 5 minute walk.

In the truck I got an email – it was my race results already! I have to say this was a first for me and I loved it! It had our times, and placing! My results:

race results

I loved this race and if it is an annual one you can bet we will be there every year!


6 thoughts on “Troubled Monk 10km Race Recap

  1. thebexfactor

    Oh weird I didn't get an email with results! You guys are so super speed with the stroller, it's incredible. This was such a fun event and I really hope they do it again next year!!

    1. arunningtale

      That is weird, we both got one! I am so used to running with the stroller now that my comfortable pace with it has increased a ton, but to run without it is a nice treat!

  2. Kelly @ Noodle to the Rescue

    It’s so cool that you run (and RACE!) as a family so much! Running is a very solo endeavor for me. I have yet to have the kids even meet me at the finish line!

    Great perk to get the results so soon! I always want to know the official results ASAP.

    1. arunningtale

      I love running with them but it is a lot of work, before and after! haha. But easier than finding time to go out alone. Soon I will only be running 1-2 times a week with them though so I can get in good hills and speed work.
      I loved it! I always wear my watch but to have everything so fast is great!


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