We Are Here!

Happy Tuesday everyone! We made it to Arizona safe and sound a couple days ago now.

We left home Sunday about 3:15am – way too early – made all our flights, had good layovers and got to Arizona early afternoon Sunday. Chad’s parents picked us up from the airport and we spent the rest of the day relaxing, visiting and just hanging around the house. Since we had been up at 2:30am I went to bed by 8pm – I know I am such a party animal!

Going to bed at 8pm Sunday meant at 5am on Monday I was wide awake. At first I laid in bed trying to get back asleep but when that was not happening I grabbed my laptop and book and headed downstairs for some reading before everyone else woke up.

Sunday was fairly low-key, we picked up our rental car, made a trip to Target and Trader Joe’s – serious highlights for me, laid in the sun & read, went golfing and ended the night with pizza and a hot tub. There was one downside to the day… I was getting out of the car and the door hit in me in the head and this is what happened:


Yeah those are my Prada sunglasses. I was just saying the other day how I had them for two and a half years and they do not even have a scratch on them… I am so sad. Today we are going to the mall to see if someone can fix them and if not I guess I am in the market for new ones!

Our Target trip consisted of some clothes for me (bathing suit, cardigan, tank, workout top and sports bra) and tons of Chobani for $1 each! Trader Joe’s was lots of food for the next 10 days, I feel bad eating all my in-laws food so we make sure to cover our breakfasts and lunches, then for supper we are planning out cooking for them tonight and taking them out at least once.

I picked up this salad for Trader Joe’s for lunch:


It had butternut squash, quinoa, wheatberries, red pepper, raisins, cranberries, almonds, arugula, and goat cheese. I cannot wait to re-create it at home.

A few other foodie highlights – Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Caramel Coconut (which I may have just ate at 6:30am), Luna Mint Chocolate Chip protein bars (which was my 9:30pm snack last night) and Trader Joe’s Avocado Hummus.

Now for some photos!

The backyard where I am spending too much time sun tanning and reading…


For golfing I used little girl’s clubs! My in-laws bought them for their granddaughter, but they were actually a good size for me (remember I am 5’1”) and for my first game this year my score of 55 for 9 holes was not that bad.

2013-03-04 16.09.32

Chad and his Dad golfing:

2013-03-04 16.57.04

The course we golfed at has a senior park model community around it, we saw this model with a triple car, I mean 2 car plus a golf cart garage:

2013-03-04 17.03.17

Too funny! My in-laws have a home in this area as well that they rent out. I guess it is the perfect area for seniors since they are all from other places and retired and just want to chat and have happy hour all day long.

This morning I was up at 5:30am – still need to reset my internal alarm to at least 6:30am – so did a quick session of Yoga Meltdown before everyone else was up. I prepped overnight oats with strawberry-banana Chobani for us this morning so I am more than ready to dig into that and a cup of coffee.

I have another post prepped for tomorrow that I hope you all find fun, and I will be back in a couple day with what I have been up to. And maybe, just maybe, I will start using my actual camera and not just my phone for photos!


Where is your favorite place to shop in US?

This may sound lame but, in no order, Target, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods!

8 thoughts on “We Are Here!

  1. Mallory

    O no! Your sunglasses!!!!!!!!!! Did you get them fixed??? I don't like to spend more than $20 on a pair because i end up losing them or breaking them! Eek!

    1. arunningtale

      No, looks like they are not fixable 🙁 We went to the Coach outlet & Chad bought me a $100 pair there to get me through holidays. The same one as above were $300 but a older style so I have to order them online and looks like they are $200 so I will probably break down and do that. Lol.

  2. Destini

    As you already know TJ's and WF are my favorites. But you should check out Off Broadway for shoes(I got a pair of Guess sandals for $14 reg $79). Its in Arizona Mills outlet mall. They also have a H&M in there, Bath & Bodyworks outlet store and Forever 21. http://www.simon.com/mall/arizona-mills/stores/li
    You should also go to Restoration Hardware, its in Scottsdale Square near True Food. Amazing furniture and home decor

    1. arunningtale

      We go to that mall all the time and were there the other day! It is close to our house here. I am trying not to buy all the clothes I see so avoiding stores. Just not the time to buy lots right now. I am going to check out Restoration Hardware for sure. We are going over there today 🙂


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