Weekend Recap

We had such a fun and busy weekend hosting Chloe’s first birthday party! I am actually going to recap the party in another post in a couple days but will share some photos today.


After work the girls and I spent some time outside until Chad came home, Chloe loved riding the scooter – hopefully this will convince Avery to ride her bike and not it, or do the opposite 😉

We spent the rest of the evening party prepping, exciting Friday night!


We were up at Costco right as it opened to get groceries and party stuff:

We had Chloe’s party from 2-4pm so that she had her second nap and was in a good mood. She was the happiest kid ever, not a single fuss for over three hours and all the smiles. But with family, friends, cake and presents who would not smile?!

Princess Avery dressed up for the party (of course):

Family photo – I am getting better at remembering these! Even if it isn’t a great photo of me 😉

By the time everyone left, we cleaned up it was time for baths and bed while I headed out to “work” at a food & beverage expo. By work I mean my co-worker and I enjoying food and drinks while watching our booth we had set up.

My outfit, I bought this shirt Friday and love it – never thought I would get into the cold shoulder trend!

I was home at 10:30pm and went straight to bed!


The lack of water, a couple drinks and a lot of sugar meant I felt hungover in the morning but it was nothing water and a run could not fix!

After our workouts we took Avery to yoga, which meant coffee for me and a lot of walking around with this one:

She wants to walk everywhere but refuses to do it on her own! My poor back, good thing I am short 😉

Our afternoon was spent decorating for Easter, colouring and Avery cut up a ton of apper – she is oddly obsessed and then passed out after.

Later we watched some of Sing since Avery asked and I was too tired to do much else – ha.

Be back tomorrow in honour of Chloe’s first birthday!



8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Alison

    Sounds like an awesome weekend! I love cold shoulder tops but I haven't found many around, love yours!! Where from? Her party looked so great, and that cake, oh my!! Can't wait for the full post! 🙂 HOW is she one though?!

  2. thebexfactor

    You guys had a fun weekend! Chloe is so cute eating the cake haha.

    I love that top on you! I don't think I can do the shoulder trend either but I do like that shirt. It was good to see you briefly on Saturday.


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