Weekend Recap

Oh hi May – you better bring us more sunshine 😉 This weekend was great, we were productive but still had a lot of fun time too.


The sun came out so I knew that if it stayed nice I wanted to run in the evening. Once Chloe was in bed I went for a quick 6km run.

I got home and Chad went to watch the hockey game with friends so Avery and I had a movie night, we watched Sing for the 100th time (its her fav). After she went to bed I caught up on our family Mixbook album for 2017 since I had not done any months past January!


My Mom and I went to the craft sale in the morning and met up with my friend, her baby, and Mom. I was super pleased (my wallet was not though…) with the sale and got quite a few things, soup mixes, veggie chips, the cutest dress and fox socks from Mini Street, hair clips & headband for Chloe and a planter for the deck.

The cat in my planter:

Avery in the dress – can I get one in my size?!

Chad took the girls to an indoor playground while we were at the craft sale and they had a ton of fun by the sounds of it. And like a good Instagram husband (ha) he took photos for the blog, well one photo:

In the afternoon we cleaned up the yard and started to wash windows, Avery washed her water table:

Chloe got up from her nap and joined in:

We went out to Famoso for supper with my Mom, all ready to go and looking too cool 😉

This one ate pizza and did not get sick!! So hopefully we can add in some more dairy slowly 🙂

On the way home we saw a scary accident right beside us when someone pulled out onto the road and hit another car which then flipped a few times before landing upright. We were the second people to the SUV and thankfully everyone was ok.

Later Chad and I watched La La Land and I loved it – I want to watch it again and that never happens!


It was a nice morning so we went out for a family run – first one in months! We did 9km:

I met my Mom and Grandma for lunch with the girls while Chad stayed home to finish some house and yard work. Both girls fell asleep on my way home so I got them transferred into the house before washing floors and light fixtures – yes, we are in spring cleaning mode 😉

I took no photos all day but we made cookies, visited with Chad’s Dad & Step-Mom and looked at a show home we bought tickets for. I wanted to get out to the park but ti started to rain and of course as I type this at 8pm the sun is out and bright 😉

Wait I lie, I did take on other photo. Avery in her room, listening to the iPod and playing on the iPad, 3 going on 13 😉


10 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Leigh

    Sounds like a great weekend! Avery is just so styling! Amelia loves sing too and we've seen it a million times. At least it's a pretty cute movie

  2. Alison

    Cute dress! I was eyeing her stuff at a market Leigh and I went to! I love Cloe's lace top too, so pretty! I hate seeing car accidents, so scary. I am glad everyone is ok. I hope May bring more sunshine too!!

    1. arunningtale

      I had never seen her stuff before! I am in trouble lol. Thanks her top is just Joe, it was Avery's 🙂
      This was the worst I have seen in terms of what happened but so happy nobody was hurt, all I was thinking is "my first aid is out of date!"

  3. thebexfactor

    Looks like you did good at the craft show. I need to get to one of those someday. I keep missing them all!
    That's scary about that accident. It seems there's been a lot of rollovers within the city lately and I always wonder how the hell that can happen.

    1. arunningtale

      ATP is next weekend!
      That is my thought too, for this one Explorers tip so easily (I have been in one that tipped) so I can see how it happened but I did not think they were going that fast for it to basically fly through the air!

  4. Kelly

    The girls are so stylish! Avery's blue dress & leggings & the shoes – I'd love that whole outfit for myself!
    I watched La La Land this weekend too – So fun!

  5. Nicole

    Look at you getting right on your spring cleaning!! We did a bit this weekend but still lots to do which I doubt I'll get to!

    Scary about that accident. Glad everyone is ok.

    Nice haul from the market! I would like one of each! Sadly I find as Audrey gets older there is less cute stuff from small shops that fits her. Probably a good thing for my wallet… Her knee socks like that come up to mid shin! She still loves them though.

    Yay for Chloe eating cheese and not getting sick!

    1. arunningtale

      Chad did a ton of it, he got in the mood so I just ket him clean 😉
      Avery still wears some 2T so it is not too bad, and I justify some purchases (like this dress) that two kids will wear it or my Mom splits it with me – she is a sucker like me 😉
      I know! I am going to try regular yogurt tomorrow and see how that goes 🙂


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