Weekend Recap

While it is not technically fall yet it felt like a perfect fall weekend!


Nothing too exciting, a Fitness Blender workout and Big Brother once Chad was home from the gym.


We had swimming lessons first thing. Avery told her instructor she “does not like water” but thankfully her lesson went okay after that 😉 Chloe and I have lessons at the same time and she was just indifferent to it all.

Hopscotch outside after:

We did the typical errands after, came for naps then headed out for a walk. We have a beautiful sanctuary area minutes from out house but sadly it was badly damaged in the wind storm we had in June. This area had been closed for months after for clean up and recently all re-opened. I knew it was bad but areas are completely leveled.

It is still beautiful but not the same for sure. Avery had the time of her life exploring everything!

We had supper, my Mom came over shortly after then we all went to the hockey game! It was just a pre-season game but Avery still enjoyed it and Chloe had fun then fell asleep. We headed home in the third period.


Chloe was up about 6:40am – yawn – lately the girls have been sleeping until 7:30-8am on weekends so anything earlier seems rough now 😉

We headed out for a 9km run, it was a bit chilly at first but the skies were blue and sun was out!

I got some much needed cleaning done during Chloe’s nap, then we made cookies.

I am on the hunt for some more fall decor so headed to Winners but no dice really – boo! We had a few other stops but by then the girls had enough so home we went.

At home we ventured into our playroom, we barely used it all summer but I think this will change now! I still want to change this area up more to have areas (reading, dolls, arts etc) but cannot seem to figure out how to make this work!

Miss Chloe eating – what she does 80% of her awake hours 😉

Our next few weekends are busy so it was nice to have a slower than usual weekend!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Kelly

    Avery looks so stylish in her boots! I can already tell it's going to be a struggle to get Swede to transition to fall clothes as she refuses give up wearing dresses and sandals 24/7. I guess she'll figure it out once she's cold enough!
    Looks like a fun & relaxing weekend! What are those cookies?

    1. arunningtale

      I have boots like that and she has begged me for a pair so we finally found some!
      I was shocked Avery has not minded moving to fall clothes so far, the sandals I had to put away though, if she saw them she wanted to wear them
      Oh just Pillsbury Scooby Doo haha

  2. Ashley

    I love Averys boots!!! Sooo cute!!!
    The only problem I see coming with fall clothes is the kids keeping socks on… lol!!
    I forgot about the fitness blender site!! I need to get back on track… always haha


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