Weekend Recap

I am always in shock when I look at the calendar and we are a week away from the end of a month, yet here we are again and next month is November! Ahh.


I did a quick HIIT workout once Chloe was in bed, then after Avery was in bed we watched a couple show and I fell asleep on the couch. Exciting night 😉

Chloe has become obsessed with colouring, but she is not careful so we take off all clothing!


Another morning of swimming lessons and another class where Avery refused to wear her life jacket – help – we cannot get her in one for love or money! After we went to the grocery store where both girls had melt downs before this dog saved the day and got all the hugs and kisses.

I spent the afternoon cleaning and playing with Avery while Chloe stood in her crib for 90 minutes in a nap protest finally falling asleep an hour before we had to go.

Oh and I brought out this Barbie car I had stored away so got it out to surprise Avery and she lost her mind.

We had supper with Chad’s family and got spoiled with a turkey supper! The girls loving going there – check out all the awesome vintage toys!

I ended my night folding laundry and watching Fuller House.


We had a slow morning before heading out for a 12km run and it was the best weather for a run!

Our afternoon consisted of baking, more PlayDoh, Halloween crafts and visits with my family.

Chloe also loves Barbies these days – especially Avery’s, after this photo she took Ken for a bath in the toilet. But shhh Avery does not know yet 😉

Avery insisted on wearing her fancy dress:

I am ready for a quiet week, meaning I only have one evening commitment.


6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. P. Jeanne

    The more I hear about Chloe, the more I’m convinced she and Savi would be best friends/troublemakers 😉 She’s also obsessed with coloring and we always have to strip her down too, she is far messier than Jase ever was lol! Glad you guys had a fun weekend ❤️

  2. Leigh

    Avery and Amelia would get along really well with not being able to convince them to do something! I take Amelia's shirt off for colouring/painting too- it's just way easier!

  3. Alison

    Oh my gosh, Chloe's face in that top photo! So cute. I HATE playdough. My kids love it but it I hate the mixing of colors, it's such a mess and dries up SO fast!! Looks like you guys had a great weekend!


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