Weekend Recap


Avery ended up sick in the morning so we had a sick day at home. Poor girl got sick a few times but was in good spirits.

We escaped for a bit to Starbucks:

We spent the afternoon napping (both girls slept for almost two hours!) while I watched cheesy Christmas movies, baking muffins and doing crafts:

I thought I was in for a long day but it went by fast and before I knew it Chad was home. After the girls were in bed I headed out for drinks with a friend = perfect way to end a week!


Our morning was filled with a grocery trip, Costco run and coffee.

Chloe getting food for the food bank:

At Costco we found a pre-made gingerbread house for $10! Mom win!! I planned to make it in a couple weeks but Avery insisted as soon as we got home:

That afternoon we went to the Festival of Trees, the girls loved the crafts and trees but as usual freaked when the mascots came out. Sigh.

We had a move night, a kid’s Christmas show then watched The Night Before once the girls were in bed.

Chloe cannot make it past 7:30pm!


My Grandma got us tickets for a Santa brunch so rather than rushing the morning we swapped our run to the afternoon. Brunch went great – both kids behaved and Avery was thrilled to see Santa, Chloe not so much:

We headed home (it was out of town) then got ready for our run. It was so nice out! Both girls napped on the run then we stopped at the park:

My brother and his girlfriend came for a visit with their new kitten before supper. Both girls are kitten obsessed!

We ended our evening watching football and baking cookies before getting ready for the week!


9 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. P. Jeanne

    Love the pics!! We bought our gingerbread house yesterday, Jase is SO excited to decorate it 🙂 We have plans to see Santa next week, fingers crossed it goes better than last year haha! Glad you had a good week and A is feeling better <3

  2. Kelly

    Those gingerbread house kits look great! That is the only way I would consider doing one. Otherwise it's just too much work! My church is doing a gingerbread house event this year so Swede and I are going to give that a try.

  3. Alison

    Pre-made houses are genius! We got a halloween one like that! Amazing. That breakfast with Santa sounds so fun! Glad Avery being sick was short lived!! 🙁 Still no fun.

  4. thebexfactor

    We are going to a Santa brunch this weekend and Liam is excited to see 'the real Santa' but we're planning a movie night for the night before and Liam asked if Santa could come. I love kids this time of year!


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