Weekend Recap

Another snowy weekend! But I swear we are on the good side of winter now – or am hopeful we are 😉


Avery had a Valentine’s Day party in the morning at preschool so I snuck out of work to go. We did crafts, and they had a photo booth to go in with their friends – but Avery only wanted me in the photo with her. Lucky me!

It was a fun time 🙂

My brother’s girlfriend bought us hockey tickets for that night so we had a fun night out! Chloe even got a game puck passed to her from the penalty box – this was after she was making faces at the other team in the box. Oh Chloe.


We had a late start to the day – no complaints, when everyone slept until almost 8am!

We had a quick coffee pit stop before getting groceries:

Both girls wanted to play outside, so out we all went. I built a little hill off our deck for the sled – Avery loved it! Chloe was not impressed with all the snow, it came up to her waist in some areas!

Chloe had a nap while Chad and Avery built a snow fort in the front yard from all the snow that was shoveled off the driveaway.

Later we baked Valentine’s Pop Tarts – so easy and the girls love them!

And then wore off the sugar jumping in Chloe’s crib:

We had friends over that night which was a nice change from our usual Saturday nights of movie watching and falling asleep – HA,


We all got good sleeps – again! I swear my kids sleep better/longer in spring and summer. As soon as winter hit they started waking up early – weird. Chad headed to the gym while the girls and I did some crafting.

We also attempted Valentine’s photos…spoiler alert I did not get one good one. Win some, lose some!

I started my run (20km) once Chad got home. It was nice to “only run 20km” – I am actually pretty done with long runs at this point. It was also nice to only watch one movie for my run 😉

I got ready and did a deep clean in our ensuite while Chad and Avery played outside for a couple hours and Chloe napped.

We ran a few errands later then had my Mom for supper, she made me two new signs – she is the BEST!

And like that it is Monday tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Becky

    Liam is the opposite, he's been waking up earlier lately. He comes into my room before the sun is up on his Gro Clock saying he's been waiting forever but the sun just won't come up lol

    Love all of your Valentine's activities!


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