Weekend Recap

Four days just flew by! Mother Nature did not pull through with any nice winter temps so wwent a tad stir crazy.


Mid afternoon the girls asked to go to the park, we bundled up, grabbed the sled an off we went. Pulling them through the snow on the sled was a workout!

We played at the park, Chloe just wanted to swing but Avery spent a good 20 minutes trying to climb a hill:

The wind was pretty cold on the way back, hence this photo:

I ran 12km after supper then we watched Celebrity Big Brother —>not near as good as the regular one!


Highlights of the day – a pedicure for me, then going to my brother’s house, having supper there and watching fireworks – we could see them from inside their house – bonus!

We got home after bedtime, both the girls fell asleep on the drive home 🙂


Our last long run! I am sad we did not run more outside this training round but also knew it would be hard to do so with us both training and longer long runs. 16km flew by and it was a great run for me.

With the race 4 days away I have all kinds of feelings – I am pretty sure getting a PR will be no problem, but my goal time? Eeek. I feel like so much of it comes done to the race day. It could go either way. So I will cross my fingers and toes it is a good race for me (and Chad!). As for my goal time? I have my times I have to hit so by mid race I will know which goal it will be and make the call then.

Moving on from my race thoughts 😉 We did some colouring before I ran, Avery has come so far with her printing and colouring!

We did not do much that afternoon, my Grandma visited, we played in the basement – meaning the girls ran around like crazy kids then watched some of Toy Story 3 – which made Chloe cry!

Yes, Avery wore her Supergirl costume all day!

I also started packing my stuff – Avery has had he suitcase packed for two weeks!


Avery had been asking to go to yoga so since we had no plans we took her to yoga in the morning. I have to make it a goal to get her going more again! She loves it so much, and the teacher is amazing!

It was another low key day for us, packing, visiting with family, and playing outside for a bit.

The fam 🙂

I rarely took out my phone camera this weekend & while I felt the need for us to get out and do more it was nice to have a quiet weekend. I find winter weekends to be a lot slower in general and I know before we know it spring and summer will be back so for now I am taking advantage of these quiet times 🙂


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