Weekend Recap

What as snowy weekend! At this rate I think we will go from winter to summer and skip spring – there is so much snow!


I worked out and did laundry – exciting Friday night! Chad watched Jurassic World and I ditched half way in for bed 😉


Our day started with green pancakes, of course!

Our little, mischievous, leprechaun:

I went to a Pound Class with Becky! It had been awhile due to marathon training. Typically this would not be the type of class I would go to BUT it totally challenges my coordination! Plus it is super fun and I really do not think there is a better person to teach Pound out there.

She had a Sweat Society pop-up there as well, and I was sucked in…I bought the coziest, softest joggers and a pair of leggings for Avery.

Since it was snowing we decided not to go to Ikea and instead hung out at home. We decorated Easter eggs – a semi disaster with Chloe, and played games:

We ended our night watching Ferdinand – a cute movie if you have not seen it! Movies are one way to get Chloe to sit still!


We had a low-key day. the snow made me not want to go far or outside! I worked out, cleaned, got some party supplies for Chloe’s party coming up, we baked, made crafts, watched a movie and my brother and his girlfriend came over.

She found this hat in the dollar store and had to try it on…

Not many plans for the week ahead! Hopefully spring decides to make a permanent appearance though.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Becky

    I'm happy that it's warm at least. I can't believe how much snow is out there. Rocky has WAY more than us and apparently Calgary does too. At my parents house it was past my knees!!

    Thanks so much for coming on Saturday and for the shoutout. You're the sweetest. Looking forward to having you in more classes 😉

  2. P. Jeanne

    We watched Ferdinand this weekend too, kids loved it! What a fun Easter craft, I bet Savi would LOVE it 🙂 Can't believe Chloe is almost 2!! Where is the time going??? Hope you have a great week!! XOXO


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