Weekend Recap

On Saturday I could have swore it was July but yesterday was much more April-like!


I just my co-workers for drinks on a patio before picking up the girls, then we had Subway and headed home. We went on a quick bike ride and park trip as per the girl’s request:

I debated running but decided to take a rest day instead.


We spent the morning getting groceries and going to gymnastics–> unlike most activities Avery was happy to go back to her second class! HA. I promised her a slush after then we headed home for lunch.

With weather in the mid 20’s we spent all afternoon outside, set-up the deck and patio, had lunch, played then later went to a favourite playground of ours.

My mom joined us for supper and we had ice cream outside – the best way to eat it with Chloe!

I wanted to escape on a solo run but Avery wanted to come with so we did a quick run, she took my photo and fell asleep shortly after:


With a rainy day ahead I left all my cleaning/home projects for the day! We worked out, cleaned, baked, swapped out winter clothes to spring/summer clothes, and did a lot of relaxing.

The girls did want to go outside so I let them, they last 5 minutes – Chloe was less than impressed:

And that was our weekend! Pretty chill overall!


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