Weekend Recap

This weekend made me so excited for summer! I cannot wait till we can be outside more – meaning, I am not chasing Avery around the house anymore, she gets into everything. Anyways, here is what we were up to:


Friday is our do nothing night, after a long work week I really just want to veg out at home. We watched The Imitation Game, and loved it. Such a great movie – I highly recommend it.


Another morning of swim lessons, it started with the “boat” – nothing crazy but Avery hates this boat from last lessons. Such a silly girl. After lessons we went to grab groceries, Avery loves the grocery store because of this puppy (below), she also was rocking a sweet hairdo. Most of you know but this is the first time Avery has worn a headband in probably 6 months! So I will take what I can get Winking smile

     20150307_103158 (1)20150307_103049 (1)

In the afternoon we got out to enjoy the sunshine:



Avery enjoyed eating the snow:


That evening my mom and brothers came over for a visit and games night. I made sure to supply the snacks and asked me brothers what they wanted, one said Wal-Mart brand salt and vinegar chips, the other said snap peas and carrots. Random.


I was in bed right after games night, Chad though has been staying up late playing video games.


Daylight savings time has never bothered me, I woke up at 8am to see Avery awake waiting for us to get up. She never cries to get out of her crib, just lays there awake and waits. Crazy kid.

I decided that I better run since it had been a couple weeks since I ran. Well, it was NOT a fun 8km run but I still kept an okay pace at 5.20 min/km.

My camera was charging during brunch so no fancy photo, but we had egg sandwiches. Avery could not wait, eggs are her (current) favourite.


I did inventory on Avery’s closet only to find that she is WELL into the next size up (18 months) so I swapped out a ton of her clothes. I am hoping she slows down a tad since all her summer clothes are this size too. Eek.

A mini blazer = love:


Chad was bowling that afternoon for a work fundraiser so we decided to go early to join him for a bit before nap time. Avery had fun at the arcade, Chad won her a bracelet she was pretty proud of. At 3pm we headed home for nap time. During her nap I managed to do laundry, clean the showers and finish a couple upcoming blog posts. I have no idea what to do when there are no more naps!

Since it was so beautiful out we took a walk once Chad was home, of course hitting up the swings. Avery wanted to go on the equipment herself but it was wet and slippery so I took her up and she was pretty mad that I did not put her down.


       20150308_17102620150308_171030 (1)

Life of a toddler is rough.

I was pretty happy with the extra hour of sunlight that evening and as well as the fact that our hear was off and house was warm Smile

A little family selfie to end our weekend:



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