Weekend Recap & Its 2018!

2018 – how did that happen?! I remember 2000 like it was 5 years ago, not 18!

This weekend full out cabin fever hit! The girls were a tad crazy, had some tears and we all had our moments. Thankfully the cold weather is gone and we are back to mild (winter) temps this week.

How Chloe felt about the cold:


The girls and I did escape the house for a bit to meet Chad for lunch. The rest of the day we spent having tea parties, sorting toys to donate and hibernating:

We had a family movie night that night and watched Planes.


I switched things up and went to back to back spin classes  that morning – OY. My legs were jello after! Since Chad did not want to do his long run on NYE we went to the gym once I got home.

The girls and I spent more time hibernating in our comfy clothes while he was at the gym.

Later we took the girls bowling, both loved it and Avery beat us both games!

We had Chad’s Dad and Step-Mom over for a quick visit before supper then had a quiet evening at home.


I did a long run on the treadmill but cut it short due to the spin classes the day before – I also ran it closer to race pace to test things out. I will do a marathon training update soon! I watched We are the Millers while I ran which made the time fly by.

I was not sure how the day/night would go since both girls were a tad cranky. So much for a joint NYE photo!

Luckily for us both girls were great later! We went to our friend’s place after supper and got home just after midnight. Chloe went to sleep on the couch, and Avery fell asleep on the downstairs couch.

They were not thrilled about leaving in the -40 weather but we all survived!


I have to admit after 11 days off work, most spent close to home because of the cold I was beginning to be a tad cranky. I did a treadmill run and convinced myself of the perks to treadmill running – Netflix mainly 😉

We made a coffee and sushi run just before lunch (again, with two cranky kids) then stuck around home all day. We played with Lego, coloured, had more tea parties, and even had a quiet hour where I got to lay and watch TV – HA.

Chloe LOVES Avery’s Barbies (of course) so whenever Avery is distracted Chloe will go play so quietly with them peeking to Avery every once in awhile. Eventually Avery sees her, freaks out and Chloe :jumps ship.

My mom, brother and his girlfriend joined us for supper, then stayed and played with the girls until bedtime. We ended the day a lot better than it started for sure!

And with that I am back to work tomorrow. I think we are all ready to get back into our routine and now the countdown to the marathon & Arizona begin!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap & Its 2018!

  1. thebexfactor

    I've yet to take Liam bowling. I should definitely do that sometime.

    I love that both girls fell asleep on the couch. They were so good on NYE. <3

    1. arunningtale

      He would love it! Avery can play two games now which means about an hour long activity lol.
      They were! They do good every year but this year I was not sure about Chloe – but she was great 🙂 And it was great to see you on NYE!


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