Weekend Recap

I am sitting here writing this while it is pouring rain out. There was some sun this weekend but the rain and storms have been daily. I hope this week gets nicer out!


After a quick supper we picked up my race package and had Menchies – oh I ate too many sweets this weekend, time for a sugar detox. I feel like we did more that night but forget now!


My race did not start till 9:30am which was nice so we did not have to be up quite as early. Going into this race I did not expect much. When I signed up I decided to only do the 10km because I did not feel committed enough to run a half marathon. BUT the downside of that was I just did not train at all. 10km is a pretty comfortable distance to me and I usually run 10km every Sunday now.

Pre-race with Avery:


The race itself was a small town race, we were placed weird at the start, 21km first the the 10km then the 5km started after. This was a tad annoying but being that it was a smaller race it did not cause issues for me. The cool part was we started the parade off, so the first 1-2km was ran along the parade route! Cool BUT at the same time it got everyone going a little too fast off the start – me included. Soon after we got off the parade route I settled into a 5 minute a km pace. My friend ran with me for over 6km which was awesome to pass time by. I noticed a huge difference in how fast the race went by versus my last 10km race because of this.

The last 1km I saw two ladies in front of me and made it my mission to pass them. But I just could not get them! Until I saw the finish line, then I got passed one but not the other. This is when I realize how competitive I can be.

My official race time was 50:43, which was 2nd in my category and 6th for gender overall. All in all I was pretty happy with this. One day I will break 50 minutes!

While I was running Chad and Avery met my Grandma for the parade. YES My child has the messiest hair ever – I give up.



Afterwards we stuck around for the prizing…I got socks. LOL.


By that time it was way past naptime for Avery so we hit  a drive thru for coffee and headed home.

The rest of our day was spent doing errands, getting groceries, getting stuck in a storm at the grocery store, having a dance party since it was raining out and baking cookies.



Later that night we watched Mom’s Night Out which I thought was a cute movie about motherhood.


Our morning was spent doing our respective Pump workouts and watching our little tornado aka toddler – seriously how is the dayhome always SO neat? She tears about our house in seconds. I decided on french toast for brunch, made with help from Avery.


Avery had a short nap (only an hour) and after we went and ran more errands, picked raspberries at a friends and checked out a showhome which I am in love with.

My little berry lover:


I owe this girl for all the raspberries we stole!


AND we found Miss Avery her big girl bedding. It was exactly what I wanted, not too girly and still matches her room:



It was my Mom’s birthday supper and I knew it would be a challenge with Avery not having a great nap. She goes into complete crazy mode and nothing stops her. I was right and supper was well, a challenge but we made it through – just with no photos! I only had one drink but almost wished I had more Winking smile


21 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. nutcaseinpoint

    mm i miss picking berries! I'll definitely be going apple picking when I'm in NY in Sept! French toast: NEED

  2. thebexfactor

    I want to take Liam berry picking! Maybe this weekend, I'm taking Friday off for an extended weekend.

    That's seriously hilarious that your prize was socks LOL! I'm surprised you didn't tell the story about grandma falling in a hole, that was seriously the funniest part of the day, aside from Mary finishing the race, which I'm still laughing about.

    Where did you find her bedding? It's cute!!

    Happy birthday to your Mom! Hope you guys enjoy your staycation this week! <3

    1. arunningtale

      Meghan's backyard! lol.
      Right?! I was so mad I laughed. More mad that we waited till 12:30 with a cranky toddler. Mary was too funny, and my Gma – who is just crazy in general.
      Winners, $40!
      Thank you!!

  3. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Congrats on your race!! That's hilarious that the prize was socks?! Did you get a medal at least? LOL.

    I hear ya on the toddler tornado!! I honestly don't know how anyone keeps their home tidy, let alone a day home!

    1. arunningtale

      Winners 🙂 I have been casually looking and got lucky! We will move her this year… not sure when yet, Nov- Dec probably. Her bedding and bed will be her birthday/Christmas gift – aren't we thoughtful? She got the Hemnes daybed from Ikea.

  4. Nancy // Strong+Able

    Hi! New follower here – just clicked over from another blog. Fellow Albertan, newbie runner, and just started blogging my journey. Look forward to following and learning a thing or two! Your little girl is so cute (I have 2 of my own!). Sounds like you had a great race! Take care. 🙂

  5. Alison

    Such an awesome weekend!! Love her bedding, so cute! And perfect for her room too!! Those raspberries look amazing. I am obsessed with berries. Good job on your race!! You are amazing.

  6. Ashley

    Love the bedding! The search is on for Noah's big boy bedding as well!! I'm think navy and red!! We got him the toddler bed from ikea used but in mint condition until it fell out of the truck on our way home… Luckily the scratches were minor. Great job on the race!!

  7. Ashley

    Love the bedding! The search is on for Noah's big boy bedding as well!! I'm think navy and red!! We got him the toddler bed from ikea used but in mint condition until it fell out of the truck on our way home… Luckily the scratches were minor. Great job on the race!! Love that you won socks haha


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