Weekend Recap

It is a long weekend over here and the last day of our holidays but I thought I would recap our weekend so far since there is a lot to share!


We spent the afternoon at the lake with my Mom as well. It was awesome. Such a perfect day and Avery had a blast as evidence from these photos:



That night we went to a car show/cruise night downtown that comes once every few years. It is pretty cool to see our entire downtown lined with all sorts of cars. This year had the best turnout I have seen in years. We also ran into Becky and Liam there so visited (Liam shared her carrots with Avery) with them for a bit too. Photo from Becky:





We ran errands in the morning and finally got down to the market for our Humble Hummus and then Chad convinced me to get mini donuts…twist my arm.

Chad was going out camping for the for the night so he packed up and headed out around lunch. My Mom came over since we had a mini road trip day planned. We really did not know where we would end up but wanted to take advantage of the day to just do as we please. It was such an awesome day with my Mom and Avery!

First up was Olds to check out this book store.


It was so cute inside as well. A ton of used books for great prices. Of course only Avery got books, 3 for under $3. We checked out a few more shops but Avery was being a tad crazy so we decided to go search for food. Once in the car Avery had a meltdown and then passed out so we decided to head out of town.

Next up we headed to Bentley for their farmers market and to go to our favourite little shop there. We bought some baking and the best spring rolls, for a small town market it is hopping!

It was close to supper time so we decided to fplinally check out a cafe in another town we had heard a ton about, Carvella Cafe. This did not disappoint, locals go now! So adorable, great food and the atmosphere could not be any better.




My Mom promised Avery ice cream so we decided to head out to the lake for ice cream but made a detour home first to get my brother. Then had ice cream on the beach to end our day:


I think by 7pm I was ready for bed! I spent the night getting blog stuff done and waking up 10x since I do not sleep well alone.


Avery has slept so good our entire week off, sleeping till after 7am every day! I was up just before 7am so I had time to eat breakfast and make coffee before getting her up.

I did some cleaning and came out to find Avery pushing all her stuffed animals around in the laundry basket and then she put them all under the stools and went and hung out there.

By 8:30am I realized it was gong to be a hot day and we had to get out for a run. It was not an easy run, we had to take a different route (thanks to a sidewalk closure on a busy street with NO detour – smart planning…), it was getting hot and Avery was fussy. But in just over an hour we got in 11km.


Funniest story, I was showering at home and Avery was watching TV on our bed, next thing I knew I heard her say “Mommy, shower” and she was in the shower with me, clothes and all! She has never even been in a shower! Crazy kid.

We spent the morning doing laundry and baking banana bread before it was nap time.

Chad came home around lunch then we headed out to Heritage Ranch to see the horses, and go to the playground.




Our only family selfie of the weekend…


And Avery would not look – I blame the horses!

After we headed to some friend’s house who have a brand new puppy. Guess who was in heaven?? And her latest obsession is wearing her hat backwards.


By this time we were all done and tired – and I was sick of the sun – imagine that! We spent the rest of our Sunday inside watching a movie and then Big Brother.


8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. thebexfactor

    Carvella Cafe is so cute. Did you know that everything in there, tables and all, is for sale?

    Sounds like a pretty perfect weekend!

  2. Ambergwtrh

    I also spent my whole weekend outside and was sick of the sun by yesterday so most of yesterday was spent INSIDE cleaning out cupboards, grocery shopping and meal prepping! It was kind of nice actually! I am always amazed at how much you guys fit into a weekend!

  3. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Sounds like a great weekend! I NEED to check out that bookstore in Olds! I love visiting book stores in different towns. And that cafe – cute! Also, love Avery's dress (stripes and stars)!


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