Weekend Recap

We had a low key weekend and I think I finally shook my headache…for now.


Why do I even talk about Fridays? I am always so tired and usually end up in bed by 9pm, this night was no different.


Our usual morning errands, Avery somehow convinced us to get her a Bubble Guppie DVD set at Costco, she is currently obsessed. Anyways, I debated making her pay for it since our rule is she pays for things she wants if it not her birthday/Christmas. I asked her if she was using her money and she said yes without whining – smart kid, then I did not take her money…

Avery fell asleep during errands so we let her sleep while I ran in and our of stores, way quicker without a toddler!

We came home and had lunch and a lazy couple of hours before Avery and I headed to a second birthday party. It was at a gym and she had a ton of fun, she is at the “everything is mine” stage which is super fun…or not.



After snacks and cake we headed home to get Chad and grab Famoso pizza for supper since I had another party to get to.

In a month it is one of my best friend’s 30th birthday so some other friends, her Mom and boyfriend all schemed to pull off a surprise party for her. It worked!!! She had no idea and was really shocked. I somehow managed to stay away until midnight before calling it a night.




Sunday morning came WAY too quick. Yawn. We spent a couple hours laying around before I decided to go workout.

I got in a very slow 4km run in 24 minutes,  which was physically really good but mentally tough, my legs and mind want to go faster. I followed it with some weight.


Avery and I baked some pumpkin muffins afterwards and then made pumpkin oatmeal for brunch. Eating all the chocolate chips…


I had a ton of chores to do, including my least favourite one, cleaning the showers. Urgh.

Once Avery was up from her nap my Mom came over and we went for a walk and to the playground since it was another beautiful day. But we both forgot our phones so no photos!

While I was making supper Chad and Avery did a Halloween craft, she was pretty proud of it:


$3 at Michaels, you cannot go wrong! I am not creative enough or have time to think up my own things!

Oh and we made a “tent”, another obsession of Avery’s:

IMG_6865 IMG_6864

After a long streak of no days without tantrums I think we finally had a day without any! Great way to end our weekend 🙂


18 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. nutcaseinpoint

    Low key weekends are the best. That cake for your friend's party looks amazing! How high are your basement ceilings? I am thinking about a treadmill for our house, but not sure about the height thing…

  2. thebexfactor

    Sounds like a great weekend. So awesome that you pulled off the surprise party for M.

    Love Avery in her tent!

  3. Kelly

    I need to check out Michaels for craft project kits. I am definitely lacking the creativity and time to think up ideas on my own.
    That cake is really beautiful! Wouldn't it be a cool job to be a cake decorator?

  4. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    For some reason I always thought she was your sister/sister-in-law! Low key weekends are great! And you still managed to get a lot done. I hate cleaning the showers too. I actually clean our standup one while I am showering in it haha!!

    1. arunningtale

      haha, a lot of people think that! We are close enough 😉
      I maybe should start doing that, I let it go for so long and then have to scrub the soap scrum! Thw worst is the bench where all the shampoo etc sits.

  5. Ashley

    Noah's tantrums also seem to be dying down for NOW!! Makes life soo much easier, although most days involve an argument about standing on the couch or climbing on the arm of the couch and then being banned from the couch! Lol!! Sounds like a nice low key weekend! We got much needed housework done this weekend too!! I do not look forward to the mine stage! Haha and it will likely happen right around when the baby is due, you know when the baby is using "his" old baby stuff haha.

    1. arunningtale

      Do you not love how they can already "argue"?! Avery will use her hands and everything haha. Silly kids!
      It literally happened in a week. Sigh. And at home there is no way to really teach her not to be like that since it really is all hers and there is nobody to share with!

  6. Leigh

    Love how your craft with Avery turned out! 🙂 I'm not looking forward to the tantrum stage at all…can I send her your way when the time comes? 😉

  7. Alison

    Love the tent! We need to do that. Oh lord tantrums. The last few days have been BRUTAL. Like I want to go back to work. ha ha
    Love that bump!! Looking great!


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