Weekend Recap

Having a long weekend was nice, we caught up with friends and Avery and I got an extra day together 🙂


A friend visited us in the morning with her boys and brought Starbucks – best ever! Avery loved having the visitors and told me after “fun with friends!”, she likes playing with boys more than girls… I hope that changes in 10 years 😉

During Avery’s nap I got in my workout, which now is just walking on the treadmill and weights.


Once she was up we headed downtown to get cupcakes – just in time, they only had 6 left! We took one to Chad at work and headed home to enjoy ours outside.


We also decorated some styrofoam Easter eggs, which is not the same at all so next weekend I will boil real ones to decorate before Easter.



We spent all morning running errands, grabbed lunch out and went and picked up a lawn mower we bought online the headed home for nap time. Avery has been so good at going for naps lately, fingers crossed this sticks around!

Starbucks stop in the morning’


During her nap we tackled our to do list:

  • Stain coffee table wood boards
  • Set-up baby swing
  • Sanitize breast pump parts
  • Prep blog posts for the week (me)
  • Pack hospital bags
  • Buy new baby monitor – ours died Thursday, well the cord broke and then Chad fried it trying to “fix” it. Thankfully Costco online had them on sale

When Avery was up we walked over to a nearby pet store to return some stuff we got for Scarlet, I love being a walkable distance to a commercial area! We stopped by the park on our way home, since we cannot go past the park without stopping!


We had an early supper then headed to a hockey game. Avery loves it and for the most part does really good. I am probably more tired than her by the end!


Without the monitor we are now woken up to Avery crawling into our bed – there are worse ways to wake up that is for sure!

My morning workout was a 4km treadmill incline walk and some weights. I am trying to keep on top of workouts since I am two weeks away from having a 4-6 week break from any!


During Chad’s workout Avery and I made Easter cookies for dayhome then some cookies for my work treat day.

IMG_7776 IMG_7780

For dayhome we keep it simple buying the pre-made cookies for special holidays. Well this time Avery decided to eat one raw when I was not looking – YUM. Or not…

Brunch was just pancakes with berries – so happy berries are coming back in season!


Avery napped while we tackled our house work and woke up just as we finished. We had a snack outside then played bubbles and looked for ladybugs and found two which made Avery’s day!


Avery giving Chad kisses:


My Grandma called to meet us at Tim Horton’s so we picked up my Mom and headed for a visit. Avery of course wanted a sprinkle donut and apple juice and there is no way I can say no with Grandma and Oma there…

The rest of the day was spent having supper, working on this post, editing photos, doing laundry and watching Big Brother. T-minus two weeks today until we meet Miss. C!


13 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

    1. arunningtale

      It is fun, I am happy Avery enjoys baking with me, though if she did not get to eat a million chocolate chips during that might change! It has always been something I wanted to do with my kids.
      Us too! And I almost ate an entire thing of raspberries already lol

  1. Ashley

    You are right, our weekends do sound similar! I started packing my hospital bag, and made a list for the things I didn't put in it yet haha. Noah totally ate one of those cookies raw for Valentine's Day…I would say he liked it because he went back for more haha. I bought cookies to decorate this time as well as eggs!

  2. Leigh

    You are all belly! 🙂 Will Avery be staying at the day home? Or will you find another one for both of the kids? I'm guessing Avery can open her bedroom door by herself then? We need to get another gate for the top of our stairs once Amelia can do that. Don't want her going down them on her own!

    1. arunningtale

      I am just starting to feel huge lol! Does not help that nothing fits right since the belly just goes right out front so far.
      Avery is at day home until May full time, we wanted part time but the cost we cannot justify (still over $500 a month) both girls will go back full time to the same day home January 2nd though.
      Yup, she can open the door herself, only because it is a handle knob though and she just runs right into our room. I do not think she would go downstairs by herself yet. I do plan on getting a baby gate once C starts moving though, we never had one with the other house but with a two storey I might get one.

  3. P. Jeanne

    Avery is SO beautiful <3 Growing up so fast too!! And you look GREAT!! All belly 😉 I'm glad you guys are getting in some good quality time with A, two weeks is gonna fly by!!

  4. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    You look great! Can't believe D-day is only two weeks away! For the record, I like to sneak some of those cookies raw too…haha 😉


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