Weekend Recap

Today marks my first day at home with both girls, wish me luck! Not that I am too worried, I am sure it will go great. Onto our weekend…


In the morning we met Avery’s dayhome at a park for awhile. Avery told me that she was not coming home with me after – haha, thanks kid 😉 After lunch we had mat time, ordered C’s birth certificate and went to my work for a visit, oh and went for a walk.

Chloe during her mat time:


We picked up Avery, it was harder than her first day at dayhome! Seeing her hug all the kids goodbye and everyone telling her they will miss her – tear.

I asked Chad if we could go out for supper and he agreed so once he was home it was off to our favourite place, Famoso! It is also Avery’s:


It was delicious as always and I got to also enjoy an adult drink 🙂


We caught up on Big Brother after the girl’s were in bed and that was our night.


Nothing too exciting in the morning, Costco and a grocery run. It seems like such a rush to get the errands done to get home so Chloe can eat and Avery can nap but it always works out with minimal crying!

I power cleaned the house while both girls napped and finished a good 30 minutes before either woke up.


Both girls woke up within 15 minutes of each other, so we decided to get out for some fresh air and try them both in the double stroller (MEC bike trailer/jogger).

20160430_145838 20160430_154203

I am not sure how I will like running with it since I LOVE my Bob stroller but I am also not spending money on another double stroller as I will never use it except to run. BUT the girls loved it.

And of course we stopped at the park:

20160430_154819 20160430_154916_010 20160430_153703 20160430_153143

My Mom joined us for supper before me, her and Chloe headed to the All Things Pretty Market. It was in an awesome larger venue with a ton of vendors. But I ended up not buying a lot.


I was too indecisive on things!

The rest of the night was uneventful and I think I fell asleep on the couch around 9pm.


Our dumb cat was banging on the door (she is locked up at night) at 5am and woke up Avery SO we started our day very early. Thanks cat.

I made oatmeal for breakfast and let Avery choose her toppings which seemed to get her more interested in eating – these days she will rarely eat meals, just snacks.

My oatmeal:


Our morning consisted of going to our neighbourhood clean-up and BBQ lunch which had a great turnout. I am excited to have these things in our new neighbourhood and look forward to being involved as I sit on the neighbourhood association board now.


20160501_095242 20160501_110907

After nap time we got outside to enjoy the weather – 21 degrees on May 1st!! We took a 6km walk down to the trail system, had some snacks, played on playgrounds and headed back home up a very large hill. Thankfully I survived so now feel better about my 5km Mother’s Day run next weekend – which will be walked.

IMG_20160501_153947 20160501_155514 20160501_155255 20160501_154956

We came home a little pink, dirty and happy – so excited for this summer after days like this. Our evening involved bathing both kids, Big Brother and an early bedtime.



12 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. thebexfactor

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend. I never did make it to the market, probably for the best though! I would have wanted all the things I'm sure.

  2. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Sounds like a great weekend!! Seriously, I'm never going to stop saying it – you make two children seem so easy! Gives me hope i can do two one day 😉

    1. arunningtale

      Oh you can do it! Honestly, it is all attitude, after having A I realized everything is a phase, so no matter how bad a day or whatever might be it always get better 🙂

  3. Ashley

    Hope your day is going well! I am happy to report ours is now that we have worked out the toddler kinks lol. Your weekend looks like soo much fun, I can't wait t spend time doing fun family things once we are done with this renovation! Luckily our weather wasn't great, so we didn't miss that! Soo jealous of all your markets, you guys get great vendors out there. Love the smiling pic in the stroller!!!


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