Weekend Recap

It was a great weekend, lots of sun and I was spoiled for Mother’s Day yesterday 🙂


We stole my brother for the day, first we went for Vietnamese food for lunch then Avery and him went home so she could nap and Chloe and I headed to my hair appointment. I did not do anything crazy, just a trim!

In the afternoon we headed to pick up our race packages, then went to a park by our house. Avery ran laps around it with another little girl there then when she left made my brother run around with her.


We BBQ’ed for supper, I helped my brother apply for some more jobs then he left and we called it a night basically.


We picked up my Mom and headed to the race.

The girls ready to go, Avery loving hard on Chloe as usual…


As soon as we got there Avery saw princess bouncy houses, I did not think she would go in but I was wrong, she did and loved it.


Then was mad when we had to go for the run!

Us ready to run!


Chloe stayed with Chad, she loves the Ergo!


We walked the 5km, did a few little runs to past people and then ran the last 100m or so and finished in just under an hour. We grabbed some snacks and then hung out on the grass until Avery’s race. It is such a great event (Only Women’s Fitness Mother’s Day run) and I was happy to see they added a little boys race this year too. You get so much swag, coupons and after there are a ton of vendors, even Chopped Leaf was there with a ton of food! Chad even commented it was one the best smaller races he has been too. It is one we would never miss for sure!

Avery did great at her race and ran all 100m! So proud of her! Then she told us later she was actually running from the bear and monkey (mascots), oh Avery!


Avery played in the bouncy house more and finally I convinced her to go with chips…mom of the year. She fell asleep on our way home, big morning for her!


I power cleaned the house while the girls napped & Chad ran errands. I had bought Avery and me new gardening gloves and she insisted on pulling weeds later so we went outside and tackled the front bed. It was landscaped when we moved in BUT they did not put down any landscape fabric – GRRR. So we have to re-do it anyways.


Chloe love being outside and just sleeps of chills out in her bouncy chair.


Poor girl lost some hair the past few days and now sports a receding hairline 😉

Chad treated me to a grapefruit mojito as an early Mother’s Day kick off and we made fish tacos for supper.


We both fell asleep by 10pm, woke up Chad fed Chloe her bottle and we headed to bed – party animals.


Our morning kicked off with the return of workouts (for me)! Well kinda, I did some of Tracy Anderson’s Post Pregnancy DVD while the girls watched and Avery worked out too 😉


I did a lot of modifications and shortened the reps to ease into it. I feel pretty good so am just listening to my body and easing into things for now until I see my doctor.

Chad made us brunch of pancakes, turkey bacon and Mimosas!


I forgot to share my gifts, I did not request anything but Chad bought me a potted flower for the deck, and a new smoothie cup from Starbucks. Avery picked out this card from her…


She thinks it is her card though!

My girls 🙂 How did I get this lucky?!

IMG_8090 IMG_8092

Oh and the real miracle of the weekend? Avery let me do her hair! I think it aged her a couple years!


In the afternoon Chloe and I headed to my friend’s baby shower for a few hours and everyone commented how she is a great baby, she got lots of cuddles and I got to visit with friends so it was a great afternoon.

The rest of our evening was spent having my family over for dessert, and normal Sunday things – baths, laundry and blogging!

The cake Avery picked for dessert:





14 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Alison

    Yay for easing into workouts!! Sounds like a great weekend. Your mojito sounds amazing! Avery's hair is so cute up! S let me braid hers yesterday too.

    1. arunningtale

      It is going to be a lot of easing in! My lower abs feel completely shot! haha.
      I love mojitos, my favourite!
      It is so cute and makes her hair look less like a mess. I need to get it cut this week!

  2. Kelly

    Wow, Avery does look so grownup with her hair up! Swede won't let me do hers either which is why I keep it pretty short with bangs.
    That cake… YUM!

  3. thebexfactor

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I will have to plan for that run next year knowing there's a little boys run now!!

  4. P. Jeanne

    Omg I LOVE the photos of you and the girls ❤ Glad you had a nice weekend and got spoiled! Avery looks too darn cute with her hair up ❤❤

  5. Ashley

    What a busy fun-filled weekend!! Love that A raced too!!! Funny enough, I bathed Emilya tonight and thought she had lost some hair on top too!! Fear not, there is still quite the party going on in the back haha. A does look older with her hair back!! Glad you had a great Mothers Day! That cake looks yummy!! Love the pic of you and the girls!!! I'm jealous you guys are in tank tops and rompers!! Although I need to find a proper nursing bra, instead of the sports bra ones I am using now! Any reccomendations?

  6. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Haha Sully did not want to give me the card he made for me with Jim. He kept grabbing it back and would run away yelling "it's mine! it's mine!" Lol.

    Glad you had such a nice Mother's Day!

  7. Tawnya

    What a great weekend! Look at you, getting back into workouts already, seriously so inspiring… I still can't get my butt into shape… it may have something to do with Bodhi not sleeping ever though LOL

    I can't believe how grown up Avery looks with her hair up!

    1. arunningtale

      haha, well semi getting back into them, I was pretty sore today so tried but will ease off for a week again. Yeah that would do it, I do not do well without sleep, even on nights when C is up two times I am grumpy!
      I know, I wish she'd let me do it more!


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