Weekend Recap

It is already 9pm Sunday night so lets get straight to this…


We got out to the park after a long hiatus because of all the rain, Avery clearly missed the park alot.


After naps we met my Grandma for coffee then when Chad was home we went to see his Dad & Step-Mom and have supper at their trailer (they are camping in town), all the grandkids were there! We all hung out in the trailer since it was raining out.

20160715_173447(1) (1)

I think once we got home it was straight to bed for us all!


We had big plans to go to a kick off pancake breakfast and the farmers market in the morning but woke up to rain. The breakfast was cancelled and we did not feel like getting wet at the market, seriously – where are you summer?! We decided to meet Chad’s Step-Mom and her two grandkids at Treehouse instead so Avery could get some more play time in.

20160716_101631 20160716_102054

Chloe loved watching all the excitement too 🙂


We left before lunch and it got too busy.

Later we went to look at landscaping ideas for our backyard since we want to have a brick patio and found some pavers we love. Bad news? They are $$$ so it will wait until next summer for that part. But we bought some trees for the yard so we can start a few smaller projects this week.

My brother and girlfriend came over for a visit before supper, we had supper, got the girls to bed and played more Scrabble. I lost again.


PS Clean and happy babes are the best:

20160716_193955 20160716_193812(0)


Chad was up with Chloe just after 6am and let me sleep an extra hour 🙂 Later we headed out for a long run, it is officially half marathon training for me now and 14km was on the schedule.


We grabbed iced coffees after and headed back home.

We had a busy afternoon, we attempted another pancake lunch at the museum and it poured rain, luckily they had tents set up then my mom and I went to Paint Nite and had a ton of fun. I learned to stop messing with my painting while ahead and that my Mom is a really good artist 😉


20160717_181417 20160717_202124

(Above) Mine in better lighting. I messed up my water after seeing my Mom’s and trying to do more with mine – bad idea.

Chloe had a meltdown on Chad while I was out – sorry Chad! So he attempted to give her formula (first time) and she would not take it. I got his text but could not leave so he tried again and she took it. And Avery would not nap for him – poor guy. By the time we got home they were all good and Chloe was VERY happy to see me. What a kid.

We grabbed supper out quickly then met my brother and girlfriend for ice cream – we had to got for National Ice Cream day!


It was way past the girl’s bedtime by the time by the time we got home but was worth the extra fun before starting the week.



10 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Kelly

    Can't believe I missed National Ice Cream Day!
    I have never done one of those painting nights. It looks really fun but I am seriously the worst artist ever!
    Too bad about all the rain. Hopefully you'll get some sunshine this week. We could actually use some rain… It's been a dry summer which makes me worry about wildfire.

  2. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    This rain has been terrible, hasn't it?! Now I'm sure we will have a scorching August and be begging for rain, lol. I'm jealous Avery will wear fliflops. Sully HATES them lol. I totally forgot it was national ice-cream day, but I still happened to have a small cone at home last night 😉

    1. arunningtale

      I hate complaining about the weather but it got to me!! Looks like it is over now – lets hope!
      Avery would not wear them until she found these and wanted them so bad! haha.
      Nice! I am eating more ice cream this summer, my stomach tolerates it now more 🙂

  3. Ashley

    That play centre looks like soo much fun! I wish we had amenities like that!! We have not had rain in soo long! It's crazy!! That trailer looks soo big inside!! Yum to ice cream!! I bought ice cream to celebrate national ice cream day and then forgot to give Noah some, but I had some before bed!!


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