Weekend Recap

It was such a perfect fall weekend, I hope it was not the last!


The photo-less day! We went to yoga playground in the morning but it was a bust. Avery was off that morning and when we got there is was already packed and 20 minutes in she came out saying it was too loud. There was a ton of older kids so I think it was just too much. We stayed for a bit to see if she would go back but it was not happening.

We met up with Becky at Food Truck Friday – the last one of the year 🙁 We had a delicious lunch despite Avery being cranky still. After we ran a couple errands and headed home for naps. The girls napped at different times but I like that sometimes since then I get one on one time with them. After naps we visited my brother for a bit then headed home to make supper and Avery hauled out all her craft stuff.


I think we just had a quiet evening at home that night – mom brain 😉


Our typical Saturday morning, pancakes, Costco and groceries before heading to our niece’s first birthday party.

20160917_1225340-1 20160917_130728 20160917_122354


When we got home the girls napped, I did some cleaning and Chad ran errands then once he got home we swapped and I did errands – kid free!

Chloe duck:


Funny story – we bought this years before we had Avery and then her timing was off for the costume size but I kept it anyways. And the one time I tried her in it she freaked. Fast forward to this year and it is the perfect size for Chloe this year and she LOVES it.

After the girls we to bed we made popcorn and watched Neighbours 2 🙂


Chad’s knee is bugging him so we decided not to run and workout at home instead. AND it was our 6th anniversary – later this week we also celebrate 14 years of being together – crazy!


We typically do not exchange much for gifts but this year we got each other a few small things.

My flowers, and I got a spa gift card:


I got Chad a gift card, beer and gifted him this JORD watch – more to come on this!


I proposed brunch at Browns after our workouts so we did just that. I love being able to walk there. I had the best brunch meal ever:


Though Avery’s waffles looked pretty awesome too!


Avery takes brunch seriously.


We stopped at Starbucks on our way home and took a walk through our favourite area – ack, I love fall.

screenshot_20160918-142621 screenshot_20160918-142545


Poor Chloe, tell us how you really feel 😉


Chores, laundry and naps were on the agenda next before heading to our community BBQ.

The BBQ was a ton of fun and I even booked the lady that was face painting there for Avery’s birthday party. And the best part? She also dresses up as a princess! Avery will die.

20160918_174825 20160918_164655 20160918_173037

It was so nice to not re-clean my kitchen all day! I spent the evening doing this post and party planning since you can never plan too early 😉



10 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Ashley

    Sounds like soo much fun!! Love the first birthday tutu!!! I'm doing a pink and gold theme for Em's first birthday too!! I wonder where she got that tutu!! Chloe looks so cute as a duck!! Happy anniversary!! Looks like you had a fun weekend!!

  2. thebexfactor

    OK you're making me feel super bad because I have absolutely nothing planned for Liam's party and it's only 4 weeks away. Gah!

    Your weekend sounds perfect. And you have me really wanting brunch at Browns. I love their eggs benny.

  3. Kelly

    That duck costume is too cute! And face painting is such a great idea for Avery's birthday party! You are so ahead of the game though, I haven't started planning Swede's at all.
    Happy Anniversary!

    1. arunningtale

      I know, I cannot wait to dress her up in it 🙂
      I really did not have any idea what to do since we are just having it at the house until I saw that she also dresses up as a princess and that is the theme A wants for her party 🙂


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